how to prevent training from wasting time and money

How to Prevent Training From Wasting Time and Money

A Manager’s Guide to Reinforcing Training When People Get Back to Work

Your employees go to training. Hopefully, they come back fired up and excited about what they’ve learned and what they can do with it. Two weeks later though, they’re back to their old habits.

Now, all those behaviors that worked well in the role-plays are a distant memory.

What happened?

Assuming you’ve picked the right training and avoided these big mistakes, if the learning doesn’t stick, you might need to work on your reinforcement strategy.

6 Ways Managers Can Reinforce Learning and  Application

1. Know Before They Go

Be sure you know exactly what your employees are there to learn. If you can’t articulate what your employees will know or do differently, don’t waste their time until you’re sure. Ask HR or your training partner for specific learning outcomes.

2. Connect What to Why

Now it’s time to make sure your people know how the training will help them. It’s tragic to see a room full of employees shuffle in with no clue why they are there.

3. Define Success

Set measurable objectives for your employee. For example:

  • “I expect this training should help you close an additional five deals per month.”
  • “We will measure the effectiveness of this leadership training in your Great Place to Work survey scores and attrition rates.”
  • “Our goal is to achieve 100% on-time delivery with the techniques you’ll receive in this course.”
4. Each One Teach One

Here’s your chance for a BOGO (buy one get one free).

Ask your returning trainee to teach one concept they’ve learned to the rest of the team. If the team went together, have everyone share their favorite. You’ll leverage the investment, reinforce the training, and spread the best practices.

5. Ask for feedback

Great training gets better with good feedback. Ask for candid feedback on what was most helpful and ways to make it better. Use the feedback make the next time better.

6. Schedule a Review of Results

As the training concludes, schedule a meeting 4 to 6 weeks out with the employees who attended. The agenda for the meeting will be for them to show how they implemented a key concept, behavior, or results they achieved.

How Managers Can Reinforce Training

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