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Leadership Development

(In-Person Leadership Development, Virtual Leadership Training,

& Hybrid In-Person and Online Programs)

For Human-Centered Leaders

In-Person, Virtual, and Hybrid Leadership Development Programs and Learning Solutions
bring sustained cultural transformation to your organization.

Our highly-interactive, in-person or live-online virtual leadership training and hybrid programs feature practical tools and techniques, and digital learning reinforcement that create lasting behavior change.

Let’s Calibrate It Together

We’ll work with you to calibrate the (1) Outcomes (2) Delivery and (3) Content for your in-person, hybrid or live-online leadership training program.

1 – Outcomes

You know your culture is more than values on your website. It’s how people show up every single day to support one another and your customers. Our industry-recognized “leaders growing leaders” approach helps you to bring your desired culture change to life.

We’ll work with you to ensure your in-person, hybrid, or live-online leadership training program is designed around YOUR desired business outcomes, calibrated based on the experience levels of your managers and teams. We’ll build on what’s working and give your leaders the confidence and competence to make an immediate impact, along with a common vocabulary and practical techniques for sustained impact over time.

2 – Delivery

Our virtual leadership training or combination in-person, and live online training plan ensures your team learns, applies, reinforces, and sustains every solution.

INTRODUCE – Let’s Grow Leaders Books – Introduce participants to Karin, David, and to their human-centered approach and practical solutions.

LEARN – Highly interactive, spaced learning over time

  • In-person, live-online, or hybrid programs, based on what works best for your team.
  • Delivered in cohorts for maximum interaction and application.
  • Each session builds on previous learning.

APPLY – Action Learning – Immediately apply new tools and skills between sessions.


In between sessions, your leaders will have practical learning assignments to immediately apply what they’ve learned with their teams and to their leadership. In addition, you can choose from state-of-the-art learning reinforcement options, including our Learning Lab micro-learning system (you can demo that here) and leader-led Challenge and Support groups, to create a cadence of immediate application and concept reinforcement between sessions.


Our hybrid and live-online leadership training programs include a vault of learning resources in a digitally fillable playbook your leaders can use and reuse with their teams. Our 10 month, video-based manager lead Team Accelerator Program helps your managers build practical skills with their teams to accelerate team performance.


3 – Content

Our Most Popular Hybrid and Live-On Line Leadership Program Content

We have an extensive curriculum for all levels of leadership, from emerging leaders through executive development programs. It’s best to have a conversation, but here are a few examples of some of our most popular content.

leadership training - rock your role

6 concepts you can’t lead without. Identify your strengths, opportunities to grow, and build a foundation for your development.

leadership training to focus on what's most important

Productivity at work. Align your team around activities that support your most important strategic initiatives.

virtual and hybrid leadership training puts people before projects

Cultivate collaboration by tapping into the unique motivations of each team member and fostering meaningful relationships. Develop 6 great habits for highly successful hybrid and virtual teams.

leadership training - be a builder

Develop a stronger team with career development, coaching, encouragement and considered feedback. Match development conversations to employee needs – meeting them where they are.

virtual leadership training - the art of accountability

Provide meaningful feedback. Set clear expectations. Hold candid and productive conversations about performance.

Cultivate curiosity for effective leadership training

Develop a team of micro-innovators, contributing ideas that map to strategy and improve the experience for your customers.

Our Clients Say It Best

"Karin and David brought years of real-life professional experience in a well-designed training program. They were competent, empathetic, and focused on delivering immediate value to our team."

– Subhajit Bagchi, President, Tripwire

Sean Barrett

"Karin and David made an immediate impact on our culture. They are true strategic partners who’ve provided us the wisdom and tools needed to ensure high ROI, sustainability and application into our daily business processes."

– Andrew Thomas, Chief Marketing Officer, Kforce Inc.

Sean Barrett

"Perfect for our team and the issues that we face on a day-to-day basis."

-Sean Barrett, VP Product Management, Albertsons

Sean Barrett

"You will be amazed at the possibilities when your employees feel truly empowered to share their ideas and solve problems."

– Jeanne Martel, CEO and Co-Founder, Clinical Mind

Jeanne Martel

“Karin and David bring executive leadership experience and they know what they’re talking about. We have a common language that all leaders can use. Leaders at every level are empowered and truly owned the vision and the way forward.”

– Carl Lytikainen, VP Customer Service, Mindbody

Looking for Something?

Drop us an email and we’ll help you calibrate a live-online, in-person, or hybrid program that fits perfectly for your needs.

Additional High-Value Live-online, In Person, and Hybrid Leadership Content

galvanize the genius in your hybrid leadership training

Excite your team into action, develop a targeted communication strategy, improve meetings, and ensure results. Get creative in your communications.

prioritize peers in online leadership

Achieve more together by learning and investing in each other’s priorities.

Act like an owner leadership training

Understand the stakes and broader context, so that your strategic decision-making is properly measured, effective, and valued.

navigate the narratives in virtual leadership training

Strategic storytelling and persuasion for more productive communication.

Questions About One Of Our Live Online,
In-Person or Hybrid Programs?