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How to accidently sabotage team innovation

How to Accidentally Sabotage Team Innovation

How to Inspire Better Team Innovation and Problem Solving It’s tragic when your attempt to protect your team members actually sabotages team innovation. If you really want a courageous culture, that means you go first. Your team is watching both what you […]

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David Dye Podcast 06-18 Tough Leadership Lesson Value People

A Tough Leadership Lesson

If you’ve ever worried about losing someone from your team or organization because you reinforce expectations, this episode’s for you. Early in my career, I learned a tough leadership lesson from a retired English teacher named Joan. In a few succinct words, […]

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Too Many Business Meetings Asking For a Friend With Karin Hurt

Too Many Business Meetings? What to Do Now

Delegate Business Meetings to Save Time and Grow Your Team I’m not exactly sure why this is a thing. But for some reason, working from home seems to have quadrupled the number of business meetings for nearly every manager I talk with. […]

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What to learn from a frustrating leader boss

What to Learn from a Frustrating Boss

There’s no better leadership textbook than a frustrating boss. And often, the world looks very different from their side of the conversation. In this episode, you’ll get valuable questions to ask and ways to work through your frustration to become a better […]

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middle managers are translators

One Crucial Skill the Best Middle Managers Master

Great Middle Managers are Effective Translators Middle managers lead in a precarious situation. They don’t set the strategic priorities, but they’re accountable for getting it done—often without the influence to ensure they have all the resources they need. And, every day, their […]

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leadership doesnt have to be lonely

Leadership Doesn’t Have to Be Lonely

You know the cliches: it’s lonely at the top. Leadership is a lonely business. In this episode, David shares a challenging situation where he felt very alone – and what happened that convinced him you’re never as alone as you might feel. […]

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