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SynergyStack Training Facilitation

Certified SynergyStack™ Facilitators receive:

  • Work directly with the SynergyStack™ creators to master and customize the system for your teams
  • 50% discount on all SynergyStack™ purchases
  • Advanced training tools and exclusive facilitator resources
  • A professional credential to enhance your professional brand

Are You an Ideal Candidate for Certification?

The SynergyStack™ Facilitator Certification Program is perfect for you if you’re:

An HR Pro and Internal Corporate Trainer committed to accelerating team development and sustained culture change.

Becoming a certified SynergyStack™ team development facilitator empowers you to drive impactful organizational change, fostering a culture of collaboration and efficiency. You’ll master tools to enhance your leadership and team development programs, improve employee engagement, and empower teams to align on the habits most critical for success. 

Your certified facilitators discount makes it easy to provide a SynergyStack™ for leaders and learners to keep and use with their teams in their own team development, project kickoffs, strategic planning sessions, mentoring, coaching, and oneononesempowering lasting collaboration habits and true culture change.

A Freelance Trainer who wants versatile, easy-to-facilitate team development tools that go beyond superficial team building and to build habits that last.

Leverage theSynergyStack™ brand and methodologies to expand your client base, deliver highimpact results, and establish yourself as a soughtafter team development expert by building productive habits, team collaboration, and conflict resolution. 

Certification offers you a competitive edge, equipping you with a structured, proven system for enhancing team collaboration and productivity. Address the needs of diverse organizations, from startups to enterprise organizations, with customizable, highly interactive activities that cater to various industries and groups of any size. 

Your certified facilitator’s discount makes it easy to provide clients with highvalue solutions and leave them with a SynergyStackthey can use for sustained results and for ongoing work with their team

A Manager looking for practical, innovative, easyto-use techniques to accelerate team performance and to develop every member of your team.

Deepen your leadership, facilitation, and coaching skills as you learn to effectively implement theSynergyStack™ System with your teams and in projects or programs you lead. This team development certification enables you to create a collaborative, transparent, and highly productive work environment.

Experience firsthand the transformation in team dynamics, communication, and overall performance as you apply these robust team development tools. 

Certification not only deepens your leadership and facilitation capabilities but also comes with discounted access to SynergyStack™ resources. Implement these tools with your team to transform communication and productivity, fostering a collaborative environment that propels your team towards its strategic goals.

2024 SynergyStackLiveOnline Facilitator Certification Registration


Choose from Two Training Sessions for 2024 – 12:30 pm4:30pm ET daily

Liveonline training investment $499.99 per person

What If I Want to Certify My Entire HR / OD Team?

HR team certification

We can do thatwe offer customdesigned, inperson SynergyStack™ System certification for your entire team. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.