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SynergyStack™ Team Development

Accelerate team performance, reduce stress, and work better together. 

The SynergyStack System: Your pathway to master powerful habits, enhance team development, improve communication, and create actionable insights for top-tier performance.

synergystack team development

The SynergyStack™ System is a revolutionary card deck and team development system designed to foster collaboration and ignite team performance.

If you’re tired of light team building activities that don’t create lasting change, the SynergyStack™ gives you the framework for more more meaningful conversations and team building that sticks. 

Unleash Productivity: The SynergyStack™ System is a catalyst for sustained team productivity and personal excellence. Build robust habits that lead to breakthrough results and happier teams.

Less Stress, Better Teamwork: Create a space where teamwork beats tension. SynergyStack team development and team building activities turn stress into progress by agreeing to a well-defined framework for everyone to work together smoothly and peacefully.

Collaborate with Confidence: Communication is the bedrock of successful teamwork. The SynergyStack™ System equips everyone with the language and insight to contribute meaningfully, ensuring that ideas flow and collaboration is seamless.

A Multiverse of Applications: Whether you’re an executive steering a start-up, an HR leader committed to building a great culture, or a trainer looking for proven, easy-to-use team development activities, the Synergy Stack is your versatile partner. Its diverse applications adapt to your needs, delivering impactful outcomes fast with precision.

Quickly See Real Change: This isn’t just a fun team building tool. The SynergyStack™ System creates a whole new way of working together. Real change that you can see and feel. Bring the The SynergyStack™ System into your team’s routine and watch how fast things improve — how your team gets things done, communicates, and reaches new heights.

“SynergyStack’s approach to crafting a unified vision has brought additional clarity and direction to our team’s efforts in very practical ways, setting us up for a remarkable new year.  We found the approach to be highly engaging, thought provoking, and to top it all off our executive team had fun while applying the content.”
Michelle Miron

Chief Human Resources Officer, Lifeworks

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What Is The SynergyStack™ Team Development System?

Built on decades of research and practical work with clients around the world, The SynergyStack™ System helps your team align on four dimensions of better teamwork and build the habits needed to make work, work better. 


Connection: Do we know one another as human beings?


Curiosity: Are we genuinely interested in other perspectives, and what’s possible?


Clarity: Do we have a shared understanding of success?


Commitment: Do we have a clear agreement?

The SynergyStack™ System is a tool for better…

  • Team development & team building
  • Strategic planning and problem-solving
  • Project kick-offs and post-project reviews
  • Company offsites and conferences
  • One-on-one meetings and mentoring
  • Career development planning
  • Conflict resolution
  • Conversation starters

The SynergyStack™ System Includes:

  • A deck of the SynergyStack™ Team Development System cards featuring 48 Core Habits based on 4 Dimensions of Collaboration (Connection, Clarity, Curiosity, and Commitment), powerful conversation starters on every card, and Wild Cards to customize your own habits.
  • Digital version of the User Guide
  • Access to the online The SynergyStack™ System Team Development and Team Building Center with tools, templates, role plays and resources.
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synergy stack
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Synergy Stack group
Synergystack courage connect
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synergy stack event
synergystack in use
synergy stack
synergystack in use at conference
synergy stack events

Synergize Your Team through Better Team Development

Improve team performance and make decisions faster.

Retain employees and achieve goals with a simple, scalable tool.

Build your reputation as an innovative, trusted leader while improving company culture.

It’s all in the The SynergyStack™ Team Development System.

SynergyStack Training Session

Transform Workplace Dynamics as a Certified SynergyStack Facilitator

Become a SynergyStack™ certified facilitator and be at the forefront of transforming workplace dynamics.

Whether you’re an HR leader, trainer, coach, facilitator or human-centered leader looking for innovative, proven team building activities to accelerate team performance, our certification programs give you practical tools and discount pricing.