Motivating your team when you don't set the goal

Motivating Your Team When You Don’t Set the Goal


For leaders at every level, there are times when you must implement a decision or pursue a goal that you don’t agree with or where you didn’t get input. These are critical moments in your leadership. Handle it poorly and you lose all credibility. But it’s also an opportunity to grow your influence and energize your team to do work they’re proud of. In this episode, David shares practical help for motivating your team when you don’t set the goals.

Your Executive Presence Interview with Hilary Blair

Your Executive Presence – Interview with Hilary Blair


Do you ever wonder how you can have more executive presence? (And what is exactly is executive presence?)  Join David for a conversation with Hilary Blair, Founder of ArticulateRC, an expert in voice and presence who works with leaders around the world to develop their executive presence. You’ll get ideas to help you show up as the best version of yourself – not a clone of another leader, when and how to get feedback on your presence, how to let people see you, building trust, and, yes, we even talk about your clothes – but maybe not in a way you’ve ever heard before.

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Holding Your Team Accountable for the First Time

Holding Your Team Accountable for the First Time


It’s been gnawing at you for a while now – the team isn’t performing at the level you know they’re capable. As a team, you’re not meeting your commitments to one another and due dates continue to slide, but you’re better than this. You know you are. You know the team needs more accountability, and it’s your job to make it happen – but where to begin?

In this episode, David shares practical steps you can take to introduce accountability and build momentum in ways that help you achieve results and improve relationships. Even if you’re holding your team accountable for the first time.

Leading from the Roots with Dr. Kathleen Allen

Leading from the Roots – Interview with Dr. Kathleen Allen


In this wide-ranging interview, David and his guest, Dr. Kathleen Allen, explore how to grow change in ways that make it last, why survival of the fittest is a mistake, and how you can use nature as inspiration to lead in ways that will get better and more lasting results. Be ready to take notes – there are so many valuable questions you can use to have lasting influence.

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Where to start when your team won't collaborate

Where to Start When Your Team Won’t Collaborate


You’ve got a clear goal, you’ve made sure everyone knows what matters most, but your team still won’t collaborate. It’s a frustration many leaders face. If this happens to you, it may be because you’ve only got halfway to the clarity your team needs. In this episode David shares where to start when your team won’t collaborate.

Care to Lead Interview w Alec McGalliard

CARE to Lead – Interview with Alec McGalliard


Leadership can feel complicated, but at its core, leading well requires a straightforward focus on a few key behaviors. Join me for an interview with former nuclear submariner Alec McGalliard and invest in the fundamentals of relationships, expectations, and accountability that build your influence.

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What's the Best Leadership Culture?

The Best Leadership Culture


You hear so much about the power of culture – so what is culture exactly? How do you get the power of culture working for you and your organization? This episode starts with a question from a listener and addresses his question regarding: what is a great culture? Is there a best leadership culture?

Vital Leadership Choice - Effective or Right

Vital Leadership Choice – Do You Want to Be Effective or Right?


It’s easy for leaders to get in their own way. Have you ever insisted that you’re right and then experienced frustration as nothing worked the way it was supposed to?

You’re not alone – the leadership choice between “right” or effective is a vital decision.

Focus Time and Energy

How to Focus Your Time and Energy for Maximum Results


You don’t have enough time and energy for everything on your list – and you never will. Your ability to focus your time and energy is key to your success.

Focusing time and energy isn’t about managing time or the latest productivity system. It starts with your beliefs and one simple daily practice you can start today.

Trailer Leadership Without Losing Your Soul

Trailer – Leadership Without Losing Your Soul Podcast


Are you a manager or leader who wants a better way? If you’ve ever wondered if it’s possible to make a difference for your people and for the bottom line – then Leadership Without Losing Your Soul is the podcast for you.

Every week you’ll get practical leadership inspiration, tools, and strategies you can use right away to improve performance – without sacrificing your humanity, well-being, or your sanity.

I’m your host, David Dye, author of international best-seller Winning Well: A Manager’s Guide to Getting Results Without Losing Your Soul.

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