Let’s Grow Leaders as Shared In Other Growing Scenes (a Sunday Supplement)

As a “growing” leader I am always inspired by the work of other leaders and thinkers. The online community stretches me beyond my own experiences and thinking. I engage in several leadership tribes and bring their thoughts and challenges back to you and the Let’s Grow Leaders Community. It’s fun to stir those pots as well. Here’s what’s up and what’s coming in some of these growing scenes.

Let’s Grow Leaders Beyond Borders (Guest Posts and Other Engagement)

This Friday, I was featured on SmartBlog on Leadership on one of our favorite topics, Trust and Transparency.

Read More from Let’s Grow Leaders on SmartBlog, Can “Those People” Be Trusted

A quick excerpt: 

Do you spend more time thinking about why people can’t be trusted or why they can?

When planning large-scale change, or developing a communication strategy, do you ever find yourself focusing on the lowest common denominator? How much time do you spend thinking about why people can’t be trusted? Do you worry about what could go wrong if some faceless person does or says something stupid with the information you provide? Do you stress about what will happen if “those people” get a hold of the information prematurely? Read More

Volunteering and Leadership?

If you missed, Why Volunteering Makes You a Better Leader (Also on SmartBlog), I would love to hear your stories of how volunteering has informed your leadership. This has been my most socially shared topic to date.

Yoga and Leadership, Really?

I am an active Instigator in the Lead Change Group, and this week I stir up more thinking on recognition. Last week I wrote on leadership and yoga, in Lead Asana

Please Join the Ongoing Conversation

I write for you. Please share what’s challenging you, and I will work to spark conversation about it. Please drop me a note with what’s on your mind how is leadership hard for you? I also stir up conversation on my Let’s Grow Leaders Facebook Page. I am currently using Facebook to collect ideas on a 2013 rebuttal to The 1943 Guide To Hiring Women. Would love for you to add your comments on Facebook. I will pull our collective thinking together in a future post.

The best part of this scene is your comments: I am delighted by your thoughts and ideas as you comment on posts. My goal is to create a safe community for exploration and conversation. Bloggers:  I am always looking for ideas to enhance the Let’s Grow Leaders Conversation. If you ever read one of my posts and are interested in including a link to your post in the comments PLEASE DO! The more ideas, the more we all grow.

Coming Soon: Let’s Grow Leaders Frontline Festival

I have been overwhelmed with the response for the first Let’s Grow Leaders Frontline Festival, which will premiere March 15th. Please be sure to log in on Friday to hear thought leaders around the world give their advice to frontline leaders.

Tomorrow’s post on Let’s Grow Leaders, In Defense of the Imperfect Boss, was inspired by an over 300 comment discussion in the Harvard Business Review LinkedIn Group Should make for great conversation.

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