Talent Timeout: Sharing Your Hidden Talents

November 15, 2012 — 8 Comments

“A great deal of talent is lost to the world for want of a little courage” -Sydney Smith

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He trembled a bit as he approached the microphone.  His thoughts crystalized into a profound truth.

I have a been unemployed for several years.  I have many talents.  I have much to offer this community.

Just a statement.  He had no ask.  He didn’t elaborate on such talents.  He sat down.

I felt tears well up for this man about whom I knew so little.  Sure his story is complex.   Whose story isn’t?

Later I asked him for more.  The man indeed has many talents.  His light was shining under a bushel, and he was speaking up.

How many times have you felt that way?

  • “Why can’t they see my gifts?”
  • “Why wasn’t I asked?”
  • “I have more to give”
  • “…”

Who’s holding you back?  You or they?  When’s the last time you picked up a “microphone” and shared what you have to offer?

Talent Timeout

Today, I ask each of us to pause and consider.

  • What are your many talents?
  • Which 3 talents do you offer up the most?
  • Which 3 stay hidden away?
  • Why?

Sure your story is complex.

What would be different if you spoke them into a microphone for your community to hear?

What would change? … for you? … for your community?

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8 responses to Talent Timeout: Sharing Your Hidden Talents

  1. Inspiring! I wonder who we would be if we shared more of ourselves? And, who we’d be if we accepted more in others?

  2. Eric, thanks so much for joining in the conversation. I like your addition… who would we be if we accepted more… really worth considering.

  3. I live just outside of Phoenix where there is a school for alternative health. In my opinion it is one of the top schools for healing arts in the southwest. Every 1st Friday of the month they have a seminar called Gifts and Graces where you can fill out a questionnaire that helps you pin point areas where you are drawn to excel. Some time back I took the test and scored the highest in motivational speaking so I decided to take a weekend life coaching class they had. The class really helped me to look inside myself when leading my teams to find more personal ways to motivate and inspire success in others. I thought about this class when I read the post and went to answer the questions. In life coaching and good leadership pulling out the hidden talents in people is the primary goal!

    Which 3 talents do you offer up the most?

    Positive thinker

    Which 3 stay hidden away?

    Artist and writer
    Deep thinker


    It is always good to set boundaries with others and not everyone can appreciate the talents of others! I am a natural introvert and an INFP, moving from being the analyzer to the the analyzed can sometimes be awkward and uncomfortable. The talents that I offer up the most are the ones that I feel that people appreciate and can benefit the most from me. The ones that stay hidden away I find are reserved for my inner circle and makes me more interesting for the people that I have my deepest relationships with.

    How would offering these up to others be beneficial?

    Offering my hidden talents, my most protected talents, would show others that I am not afraid to be myself. It would show others that it is OK for them to be themselves and that we all have so many things to bring to the table. Deep down most of us find that we are scared of our greatness because being great means we have to be accountable for something bigger than ourselves.

  4. Helen, thank you so much. The comments are my favorite part… it’s so much fun to hear what others are exploring on their journey.

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