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You’ve got a new job, a new team, or a new project. Credibility is vital, but people are skeptical. Questioning eyes wonder, “who is this guy?” “why him?” “seriously?” Their looks intimidate. And you wonder, “why me?” “What are they thinking?” “yikes, they look pretty smart.” And the downward spiral begins.

Here’s where it gets ugly.

Two credibility-crushing responses to that queasy feeling

1. Talk too much

It’s tempting. It’s common. Don’t do it.

Why you’ll want to…

  • To release nervous energy
    Share the space. They’re nervous too. Get the room talking. It will be more productive and relax everyone.
  • To prove you’re qualified
    No one wants your resume. Show them through your actions. The ones who care most about your background have already have done their homework. Let them ask if they’re curious.
  • To sound smart
    Don’t start with the answers. Trust me, you don’t know them. 

2. Talk too little

Shutting up doesn’t work either.

Why you’ll want to…

  • To be a servant leader
    Your heart’s in the right place. Great start. Servant leaders are confident and inspire confidence. Inspire then with vision.  Share your leadership philosophy. Ask them what they need.
  • So you don’t say something stupid
    Just watch out for #1. Saying nothing sounds stupid too. Ask inspired and provocative questions.
  • You’re just “taking it all in”
    Take it in, but show signs of life. Ask questions to learn more. Take it in with an energetic presence.
How do you get off to a credible start?
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Karin Hurt
Karin Hurt
Karin Hurt, is CEO of Let’s Grow Leaders and a former Verizon Wireless executive. Karin was named on Inc.’s list of 100 Great Leadership Speakers for Your Next Conference, the American Management Association List of 50 Leaders to Watch, and as a Trust Across America Top Thought Leader in Trust. She’s the award-winning author of two books, Winning Well: A Manager’s Guide to Getting Results— Without Losing Your Soul, and Overcoming an Imperfect Boss. She’s regularly featured in business publications including Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and Inc.

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What People Are Saying

Eric Dingler   |   17 April 2013   |   Reply

Great question.

Tough situation.

The people I’ve seen the most effective at this, are those who ask a lot of questions and spend a lot of one-on-one time with their new team. Schedule one-on-one’s and a team offsite within your first couple weeks.

I coach my new leaders to spend time getting to know their team members. The best way is asking direct questions….”What’s your greatest fear of me?” “How can I best support you?” etc. Plus, learn their language of appreciation and DISC personality.

Jane   |   17 April 2013   |   Reply

Something I do before I meet a new team is visualise the leaders I have had and been completely inspired by and what made them that way. I talk this through with a coach and then meet the team. Accept your vulnerability and understand what makes others tick!

letsgrowleaders   |   18 April 2013   |   Reply

Jane, So great to see have you join the conversation. Ahh yes, visualize and build on the great feelings. Perfect.