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Diaper Genie Feedback

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Today’s post is a direct response to a subscriber’s question: I took my first real leadership position when my oldest son was still in diapers. Every time I used our diaper genie, I thought, this is just how feedback and bad news works. Each level takes the poop and seals it in a bag before it gets sent to the next level up. Then, that level sanitizes it some more with another layer of protection. By the

Who’s Really Writing Your Performance Appraisal? thumbnail

The best leaders I know have one song stuck in their head as they enter performance appraisal season. “I can’t get no satisfaction? Nope “You can’t always get what you want?” I sure hope not. I see them humming, that old Christmas classic, “Do you Hear What I Hear?”

Where The Input Begins

Great performance appraisals are not written in a vacuum. Chances are your