How To Reset Your Team’s Expectations

February 11, 2013 — 6 Comments

iStock 000015752388XSmall 210x300 How To Reset Your Teams ExpectationsIn Friday’s post,  How To Transform Mid-Team, we talked about you how prepare your team for your evolving leadership style.  But what if you also have new expectations for your team?  Not only are you evolving, but you need them to as well.  That’s even more difficult.

Perhaps you will be…

  • asking them to make more decisions
  • holding the team accountable
  • stopping the sidebars in meetings
  • surfacing the conflict
  • ?

Resetting Expectations is a Process

The most important part is communication and consistency.  Go slow enough to preserve the trust.  Following these steps will help.

  1. Explain why you are changing expectations how did you reach this conclusion?
  2. Share your new expectations for you own behavior–what is changing?
  3. Be specific-what exactly are you asking them to do differently?
  4. Be consistent be careful to stay true to the new standards
  5. Ease into it– be clear on expectations, soft on people… give them time to grow into it
  6. Ask for feedback– listen and be willing to adjust the approach
  7. ?

This won’t happen overnight, and it will be messy.  Keep the conversation open and learn along the way.

Please share your stories and comments.  How do you work to reset expectations with your team?  How do you help other leaders to do so?

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6 responses to How To Reset Your Team’s Expectations

  1. Have the leader take a 360 like the LPI from The Leadership Challenge. The leader rates themselves. The team rates the leader in regards to strengths and weaknesses.

    Have the leader take another LPI in nine months.

    The team decides if the leader has improved.

    A great tool for setting expectations.

  2. Thanks, Steve. I am a big believer in 360. LPI… I will have to check that one out. Great to have you back.

  3. I’d say the biggest tip here that helps me is to write it down the change I’m after and review it daily for weeks. For this coming summer, I want to focus on making our team meetings even more efficient. So I’m currently drafting a manifesto of sorts for our meetings. I will then read it before every meeting to remember what I want so I don’t slip into old habits. If I had a dollar for every leadership change I decided to make, but forgot to actually make…I’d have about $320….so not enough to be rich….but enough for a new fishing rod and reel combo I’ve been eyeing.

    • Eric, what does your team want from the meetings?

    • Eric, I love the idea of writing down the changes you want to make and reviewing them. I also am curious about your intentions and what the team wants… I am always looking to improve mine as well. Hmmm… now you’ve got me thinking about if I had a $ for every intention…. and what would I buy ;-)

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