What’s In Your Christmas Stopping?

December 25, 2012 — 3 Comments

iStock 000018414788XSmall 300x200 Whats In Your Christmas Stopping?To me the most remarkable part of Christmas is how everything goes from ridiculously busy to a remarkable stop.

The end-of-year reviews, the 2013 planning, the rehearsals, the concerts, the shopping, the cooking, the visits… and then the pause.

When I walk into a candle lit church, all the chaos seems to melt away.  We stop, we remember, we give thanks, we hope.

On Christmas, my running also becomes an ironic form of stopping.  After the presents and before the cooking, I take a brisk trek through our small town with all the closed stores and restaurants.  Everyone there is stopping too.

I wonder what others are doing and thinking in their stopping.  What do those closed doors offer?  What inspirations are brewing?  What hopes are catching spark?

What Starts from Stopping?

What’s about to start after the stopping?

I recognize that for many there is pain in the stopping.  Quiet time does not always equate to peace.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.  In our family we also have concerns that weigh heavy.  Stopping can sometimes be too quiet.

I am also so grateful to all who cannot stop this holiday. Police, firefighters, military, call centers, convenience stores… there are many people “going” to empower our stopping.  Thank you.

May this holiday season give you the peace of stopping, today or in the year to come.  Enjoy the quiet along with the joy.

What will you become in your Christmas stopping?

In Peace and Joy,


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3 responses to What’s In Your Christmas Stopping?

  1. Hmmm. Powerful post.

  2. Certainly a year worth stopping for. It’s often in those “stopping” moments when I can truly put things into perspectve. I find that “Stopping” is important for recieving instruction but it’s often in the “doing” where I find the most peace.

  3. Steve, thanks so much for joining the conversation. Ahhh, yes, we can’t stop for too long… the magic is in the doing that follows. Thanks for adding that.

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