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How leaders make the best ideas work

How Leaders Make the Best Ideas Work

Do you have a plan to make the best ideas work? Joe has a new idea. The idea isn’t perfect, but with a tweak or two, it just might solve that big problem that’s driving everyone nuts. What does Joe do next? […]

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What were they thinking?

What To Do When “What Were They Thinking?”

When you wonder what they were thinking – dig deeper. Has this happened to you? You walk by your team and see something different. Not, “Oh-that’s-cool” different, but “What were they thinking?” different. What do you do? When I was twelve years […]

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How to Answer the Question You Can't Answer

How to Answer the Question You Can’t Answer

Does this happen to you? You diligently prepare for an important meeting. You cover all your bases.  And then here it comes, the question you can’t answer. What you say next matters—a lot. It’s tragic to see smart, well-intentioned leaders flounder with […]

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building a high-performace team

Building a High-Performance Team: A Frontline Festival

Welcome to the Let’s Grow Leaders Frontline Festival!  This month, our contributors share their thoughts about building a high performance team. We’ve expanded the Frontline Festival to include other formats such as podcasts and artwork and are always looking for new thought […]

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