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Courageous Cultures Press Release

As workplaces are adapting to sudden and unprecedented changes due to the global pandemic, leaders must find new strengths within their teams. Leadership experts Karin Hurt and David Dye release a timely new book, Courageous Cultures, which provides practical steps leaders can take to adapt fast by tapping into the hidden solutions engine within their organization.

Courageous Cultures: How to Build Teams of Micro-innovators, Problem Solvers, and Customer Advocates

Courageous Cultures Research FindingsBaltimore, Maryland, July 21, 2020 – Karin Hurt and David Dye of Let’s Grow Leaders announce the July 28th release of their inspiring new book titled, “Courageous Cultures: How to Build Teams of Microinnovators, Problem Solvers, and Customer Advocates”(HarperCollins, Foreword by Dr. Amy Edmonson.)

Every day, employees are barraged with problems.

They cringe as they try to soothe customer frustrations about problems they can’t fix. Or, they face battles with inefficient systems and outdated procedures.

As the COVID-19 pandemic transforms the world, new challenges emerge at an unprecedented rate.

The research from Hurt and Dye shows that employees have game-changing ideas for how to solve these issues but frequently don’t speak up to share them. As a result, organizations waste money and miss opportunities to create better experiences for their customers.

Based on Extensive Research on Psychological Safety

Courageous Cultures is informed by years of executive consultation as well as a research collaboration with the University of Northern Colorado’s Social Research Lab. It provides practical tools to uncover, leverage, and scale the best ideas from every level of an organization.

  • See why organizations struggle to create healthy cultures that encourage employees to contribute their best thinking.
  • Re-engage and motivate employees by applying proven models and tools.
  • Learn how to apply the best strategies and techniques used by successful companies around the world.

Organizations have the opportunity to build a Courageous Culture today and stop missing out on the hidden solutions engine within their organization.

“In our world of rapid change, a Courageous Culture is your competitive advantage. It ensures that your company is ‘sticky’ for both your customers and your employees,” says Hurt. “In our conversations with executives and senior leaders across a range of industries, we know that innovation and solutions aren’t just appreciated—they’re vital,” Dye added.

Praise for Courageous Cultures

Daniel H. Pink, #1 New York Times Bestselling author of “When,” “Drive,” and “To Sell Is Human” says, “Silence isn’t always golden. Effective organizations need people to speak up. Courageous Cultures is the ultimate guide to building a workplace environment that values outspokenness. By following the guidance in this savvy book, you’ll attract first-rate talent, serve your customer better, and liberate people to perform their best.”

Liz Wiseman, New York Times bestselling author of “Multipliers” and “Rookie Smarts” says, “Hurt and Dye offer leaders a wonderfully practical road map for how to get the most from their people – by creating a culture where safe silence dies and small acts of courage compound to increase innovation, problem-solving, and customer advocacy.”

Kevin Kruse, CEO of LEADx and New York Times bestselling author, says, “Imagine if you could cast a magic spell over your entire team and suddenly all the complainers became problem solvers, the safely silent became innovators, and your bystanders became upstanders. “Courageous Cultures,” by Karin Hurt and David Dye, will teach you how to cast that spell.”

Randy Oostra, President and CEO Promedica Health System, calls Courageous Cultures “a compelling and actionable roadmap for business leaders to tap into the energy and wisdom lying just below the surface within their own organizations. No leaders would be without this valuable resource.”

Sunil Prashara, President and CEO, Project Management Institute says, “Courageous Cultures offers simple steps to nurture a bold organizational culture that encourages people to speak up, take smart risks, innovate, become problem solvers, and seize competitive advantage in a fast-transforming business environment.”

The book will be available for purchase on, iBooks, Barnes and Noble Booksellers, and all major outlets, and is available in audible read by the authors. “Courageous Cultures” includes fifteen chapters with titles like “How Courage Works—According to Research” and “People Are Different: How to Leverage Your Diverse Talent to Build a Courageous Culture.” For more information on “Courageous Cultures,” (including a free sample chapter, pre-order bonuses,  details on the authors, the book trailer, advanced praise, press coverage, and purchasing information), visit

About the Authors: Karin Hurt and David Dye

Karin Hurt and David Dye are the Founders of Let’s Grow Leaders, a leadership training and consulting firm in Maryland, and the authors of 5 books including  Winning Well: A Manager’s Guide to Getting Results Without Losing Your Soul as well as the soon to be released Courageous Cultures: How to Build Teams of Microinnovators, Problem Solvers, and Customer Advocates. Recently named on Inc’s list of Most Innovative Leadership Speakers, Karin and David work with leaders around the world who want to achieve breakthrough results and build highly innovative, courageous cultures.  They are also dedicated to their philanthropic initiative, Winning Wells, building clean water wells in Cambodia.

Courageous Cultures: How to Build Teams of Microinnovators, Problem Solvers, and Customer Advocates

By Karin Hurt and David Dye

HarperCollins Leadership

July 2020

Hardcover, $24.99; 224 pages


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Karin Hurt and David Dye

Karin Hurt and David Dye help human-centered leaders resolve workplace ambiguity and chaos, so that they can drive innovation, productivity and revenue without burning out employees. As CEO and President of Let’s Grow Leaders, they are known for practical tools and leadership development programs that stick. Karin and David are the award-winning authors of five books including, Courageous Cultures: How to Build Teams of Micro-Innovators, Problem Solvers, and Customer Advocates and Winning Well: A Manager's Guide to Getting Results-Without Losing Your Soul A former Verizon Wireless executive, Karin was named to Inc. Magazine’s list of great leadership speakers. David Dye is a former executive and elected official. Karin and David are committed to their philanthropic initiative, Winning Wells - building clean water wells for the people of Cambodia.

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