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5 Reasons You’re Avoiding Your “I Don’t Wanna” List (and what to do about it) thumbnail

David Dye and I do truly strive to lead by example. So I wasn’t shocked the other day when my Winning Well co-author leveraged a practice straight out of chapter 20, thanking me for something I’d done to promote our Winning Well mission. And then, hearkening back to chapter 7 (accountability), I laughed and said, “If I were really a good co-author I would have done ________ .” (it really

Helping Your Team To Prioritize When Everything Is Important thumbnail

Helping your team to prioritize their focus and work is one of the toughest roles of a manager. It’s hard because you face similar pressures. You’re still required to meet all your targets and objectives, so teaching your team to place an item on the bottom of the list is scary. What if they really don’t get to it? There are no easy trade-offs in this “AND culture” (we need this AND

Get More Done in Less Time: Learning From Crises thumbnail

When are you most productive? If you are like most people I know the answer is easy, when you really need to be. Most of us have great examples of crises and other urgent situations, where folks pull together and get more done. And yet, at other times, lots of stuff seems to get in the way. And we look at each other with the common question, “how can I get more done?”

We Use The Time We

The Secret to Effective Time Management: A Story to Win By thumbnail

Time management techniques typically involve identifying priorities and scheduling well. There is also power in building in unscheduled time, leaving white space on the calendar for reflection and spontaneous magic. Adding some white space into your time management strategy can lead to better strategy, creative breakthroughs, and a more poised approach. And so, I offer a story of time management, great mentoring

The Most Important One: Tolstoy and Covey on Focus thumbnail

One of my son’s favorite books is The Three Questions (Based on a Story by Leo Tolstoy). The story takes a child-friendly adventure through Tolstoy’s famous questions: Who is the most important one? What is the right thing to do? When is the best time to do things? The main idea– give all of your attention to the present scene and players, and do everything you can to contribute. The most