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The Fastest Way To Better Results

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It happens on teams, it happens in training classes, it happens on dates. A rush to achieve without connection will backfire. It’s tempting to rush in, get started and get stuff done. Sure the out-of-the gate progress feels great at beginning, but if you don’t take time to create genuine connections and build relationships, somewhere down the line you’re going to derail.


Help Your Team Become More In 2014

Help Your Team Become More In 2014
“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
~ John Quincy Adams

My eyes are crossing and my neck is twitchy after 27 conference calls to finalize our 2014 Performance Agreements. We’ve debated what defines a “balanced scorecard” and negotiated

Finding The Perfect Gifts For Your Team:  A Development Exercise

Jack gets very excited this time of year. He stumbles on a perfect gift that he knows EVERYONE on his list must have. It’s clever, and he finds it useful. Convinced his friends and family can no longer live without it, he buys a dozen or so. Watching the excitement in his eyes, I know it’s not laziness. He’s convinced. The sad part comes when the reaction is not as he hoped. He begins

Leadership Development Made Easy

Leadership Development Made Easy

Leadership development used to be easier. Early in my career, my team was small, and I was in HR leading other HR folks. We all spoke the same language, and everyone believed in leadership development. Then a move out of HR to a team 50 times the size in a union environment. More tricky, but all in a few large call centers. I could physically model the leadership I was looking to grow. Next to a sales role, with a

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We all know deep in our hearts that teams need conflict. Conflict is “healthy.” Leaders and teams have been talking about Tuckman’s forming, storming, norming, performing model since the mid 1960s. Teams were storming long before that. We get it intellectually. We’ve even seen the value of addressing conflict play out practically. But conflict is uncomfortable. Sometimes addressing conflict

The Scary Secret to Great Meetings

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The first time it happened, I was devastated. After all the hard work on building relationships. All that investment in the team. All that transparency. All that work to create a level-less organization. Why had my direct report team started holding “secret” meetings without me? Why was that necessary? What was I doing wrong? Was this an indication that I had become the proverbial “boss” an