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6 Ways to Stay Productive When You’re Completely Overwhelmed thumbnail

Have you ever looked at your to do list and just laughed? You think, “Oh right, that’s not happening,” and then moments later, you realize that none of the tasks on your list are really an option. Perhaps that’s the point that your nervous laughter turns to tears. That’s the wall I hit this week. I’ve had a number of serious personal challenges that require an intense investment

The Best Way to Reduce Stress in Stupid Situations thumbnail

While I was getting worked up at all the stupidity, my colleague always had the same response: “fascinating.” He had a strange sense of calm, while my head was exploding. I knew he was as deeply invested in the scene as me, and I often wondered– I’ll admit with a bit of envy– what was going on. Finally, I blew “don’t you see how stupid this is? How can you just let this

The Trouble With Servant Leaders

The Trouble With Servant Leaders

“I’ve failed.” Mark’s voice shook as we met to discuss next steps for Lisa, his troubled employee. He’d tried everything to help Lisa succeed. She’d get better for a while, but then her old habits would surface. Lisa was impacting the team and results. It was time for her to find something new. “I can’t believe I couldn’t help her, I’m usually better than

Hashtags Or Hashbrowns For Christmas?

Hashtags Or Hashbrowns For Christmas?

Twas the night before Christmas The topic was stress Two bloggers were writing Their posts still a mess…

Hashtags for Christmas (an email exchange)

To: Karin@Let’sGrowLeaders From: Regina@CreativelyConscious Re: Christmas Hey Karin. Merry Christmas! Can I stop by and bring you some breakfast? To: Regina@CreativelyConscious From: Karin@Let’sGrowLeaders Re: Christmas Thanks, but I’m on a

Winning When The Troops Are Tired

Winning When The Troops Are Tired

“I’m so sorry, I whispered before he could even say hello”. It was Sunday afternoon, and it was the third time I had to call. He graciously spoke what we both knew was technically true, “Karin, no worries, this is my job”. But it had been a long couple of weeks, and I knew he was tired. I hated to keep pushing, but the business needs were real.

7 Ways to Counter Attack

5 Steps To Managing Emotions At Work

5 Steps To Managing Emotions At Work
“If your emotional abilities aren’t in hand, if you don’t have self-awareness, if you are not able to manage your distressing emotions, if you can’t have empathy and have effective relationships, then no matter how smart you are, you are not going to get very far.”
~ Daniel Goleman

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You’ve Got To Move It, Move It

You’ve Got To Move It, Move It

Last week was one of THOSE weeks. So much to do. The great, good, bad, and ugly. Pressures mounting on all fronts. Important investments in people, for which there was no short-cut. Business travel and back-to-back meetings. Demanding senior executive reviews and the requisite preparation. Mid year performance write-ups and discussions. A newly selected leader, and vital discussions with disappointed candidates)

How Stress is Hurting Your Career

How Stress is Hurting Your Career thumbnail

You know stress is bad for your health. But what about your career? When results are rough the “obvious” answer is to work longer and harder. It’s sad to watch a passionate, hard-working leader shoot themselves in the foot with a stressful reaction. Don’t let stress destroy hard work or sabotage your progress.

Stress Sabotage Stories

(all names changed) Sally worked late every

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