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9 Career Lessons I Wish I’d Learned Sooner

I’m sure many someones warned me and shared their wisdom. But, sadly, most of my career lessons I learned the hard way. When you’re totally immersed it getting it done, it’s easy to lose perspective. Today I share my biggest career lessons- learned from years of angst and my fair share of stupidity. Looking forward to hearing your #10’s.

9 Career Lessons I Wish I’d Learned

Stupid Idea or Seeds of Brilliance?

Stupid Idea or Seeds of Brilliance? thumbnail

The young leader came racing in my office, his “great idea” bursting from his heart. He had a plan and was ready to go. I listened to his enthusiastic outburst with mixed emotions. He had energy, passion, and commitment. Good start. But, it was a stupid idea. My inside voice screamed… No way This idea will never work I’ve seen this movie before (it doesn’t end well) He hasn’t

Mentoring Moments: Just in Time Support

Mentoring Moments: Just in Time Support thumbnail

Someone asks you to be their mentor. You’re not sure you can commit. It’s a lot of time, and you’re already overloaded. Plus you’ve mentored in several formal mentoring programs and it felt forced and awkward. Formal programs can stifle a good relationship. Even organic relationships can lose steam with too much structure. Worse, many connections never start for fear of

Powerful Presentations: Teaching Your Team To Talk Strategy thumbnail

A “stand and deliver” presentation on your results is always nerve-wracking.But– watching your team do one is down right scary. Remember when you… couldn’t sleep the night before were so stressed, you missed the main idea failed to anticipate the political dynamics used the wrong words, which took the entire conversation downhill didn’t have supporting

Your Mentor May Not Be Helping Your Career thumbnail

Mentors are an essential component of any development strategy. In “Won’t You Be My Mentor,” we discussed how to find a mentor. In “Don’t Get a Mentor,” we explored the importance of developing a cadre of mentors. And, in “Nemesis Mentors, I challenged you to find a mentor who makes you crazy. Great mentors prepare you for the next level by challenging, teaching, sharing stories, and offering

Speed Mentoring:  Jump Starting Deeper Connections thumbnail

Finding a great mentor is hard. A lot goes into making mentoring work, but above all it starts with finding a great connection. I spent today launching a new mentoring circle, with a bit of a twist. Instead of a pure skip-level experience, all of my direct reports were involved, along with high-potential managers from across the organization. We worked together on business problems, identified key priorities and

The 3 Gifts: Grateful for Growing

The 3 Gifts: Grateful for Growing thumbnail

They say “feedback is a gift,” but much of the time it does not feel that way. So, what was different this time? It was a cool, crisp night. The warmth of the make-shift spotlight was both frightening and friendly as I stood ready to give my final speech at the SCORRE conference. Frightening because my own expectations were high, and I knew the feedback would be deep, direct, and dead on. Friendly

Snap, Crackle, STOP– What’s Your Brand? thumbnail

Have you ever thought of yourself as a brand?

Most people associate brands with companies, services or products– but don’t always stop to think about their personal brand let alone how to build it. This is a guest post from Jonathan Green.

“Jonathan is a culture evangelist who focuses on leadership development behaviors and communications strategies. His expertise is

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