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6 Surprising Ways to Feel More Freedom at Work thumbnail

You don’t need to win the lottery or quit your day job to experience a sense of freedom at work. I was recently interviewed about how “being an entrepreneur makes me feel independent.  I answered joyfully. But the truth is, I’ve been making a lot of my own freedom in a corporate day job for the last 2 decades. Much freedom comes from getting clear on who you are and taking control over your corner

the most frustrating choice managers make

When managers see their role as a small cog in a bigger system they do whatever they can to fit in. They trade power for conformity. Their team yearns for bold vision, challenging questions, and scaffolding support. But they look up and see weakness, which makes them feel weaker and diminishes results. Nothing saddens me more than potential leaders who give away their power. Feeling powerless to change the

Super Leaders Open Doors

Super Leaders Open Doors

Great leaders open doors for other leaders. Great leaders also know when to knock. Be a door opener. Learn how to knock. Who’s opened doors for you? What have you done to open doors for others? Bill Treasurer, author of Leaders Who Open Doors, is collecting stories of leaders who have opened doors, or created opportunities for others. Today, I share my story of Dr. Henry Sims, who opened a door that changed

What Needy Needs: 8 Ways To Empower Past Dependency

Needy drains energy. Needy distracts. Needy wastes time. Needy surfaces guilt “gosh, maybe they really do need more.” You want to help. Helping too much hurts them, you, and the rest of the team. Dig deeper to get to the root cause of dependency. Maybe it’s them. Be sure it’s not you.

Causes of Needy

Needy comes from: Upbringing Self-doubt Fear Incompetence Misunderstanding Lack

Information Underload: What Are You Missing? thumbnail

The higher you grow in the organization, the more you work in sound bites. Process fast to look smart. Draw conclusions where others see only questions. Conclude with conviction. Make decisions and move the process along. Ask your team to “net it out.” You don’t need all that detailed information. Or do you? The devil still basks in details.


Orchestra Without a Conductor

Orchestra Without a Conductor thumbnail

This was a farewell. The last concert of the year for the high-school orchestra. The seniors wore roses and beamed with personality. The conductor held up his baton, and the music began. Powerful. Brilliant. Exciting. A send-off to the next phase of their lives. Then he looked at the orchestra and grinned. He stepped off the podium stage right, folded his arms, and watched from the sidelines. 5 measures later, he

Why Smart People Do Stupid Work

Why Smart People Do Stupid Work thumbnail

Despite my best efforts to encourage employees to think, question, and recommend change, on any given day, I know there are people on my team doing tasks they know are stupid. Stupid work includes… reinforcing policies without thinking making decisions that lose customers generating reports no one uses focusing on trivial matters when the sky is falling around them _______ I’ll stop here to let you fill

The Scary Secret to Great Meetings

The Scary Secret to Great Meetings thumbnail

The first time it happened, I was devastated. After all the hard work on building relationships. All that investment in the team. All that transparency. All that work to create a level-less organization. Why had my direct report team started holding “secret” meetings without me? Why was that necessary? What was I doing wrong? Was this an indication that I had become the proverbial “boss” an

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