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Finding The Perfect Gifts For Your Team:  A Development Exercise

Jack gets very excited this time of year. He stumbles on a perfect gift that he knows EVERYONE on his list must have. It’s clever, and he finds it useful. Convinced his friends and family can no longer live without it, he buys a dozen or so. Watching the excitement in his eyes, I know it’s not laziness. He’s convinced. The sad part comes when the reaction is not as he hoped. He begins

60 Reasons Leaders Stop Learning

60 Reasons Leaders Stop Learning
“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”
~ Henry Ford

Competent, lazy leaders are dangerous. “Why fix something that’s working?” “I was promoted to this position for a reason.” “I’ve seen this movie before.” Beware of

Why Smart People Do Stupid Work

Why Smart People Do Stupid Work thumbnail

Despite my best efforts to encourage employees to think, question, and recommend change, on any given day, I know there are people on my team doing tasks they know are stupid. Stupid work includes… reinforcing policies without thinking making decisions that lose customers generating reports no one uses focusing on trivial matters when the sky is falling around them _______ I’ll stop here to let you fill

Empowerment Run Amok: How One Bad Decision Leads To Another thumbnail

You believe in servant leadership. Empowerment is your middle name. Results are strong. The team is happy. And then. Someone makes a really bad decision. The consequences are big. Your boss is not happy. How could YOU let that happen? Why weren’t YOU more involved? And you begin to wonder about the person who made the poor choice. Why did he make such a bad decision? Didn’t he understand the potential

Get Real: Take Your Developmental Conversations to the Next Level thumbnail

For a variety of reasons, many manager/employee relationships stay formal, cordial, and don’t realize their full potential. The conversation stays focused on the work at hand, and hopefully there is some discussion of strengths and development needs, along with a plan to improve on them. There is often real reluctance to go deeper. Why? Choices, fear, time, professional boundaries. I’ll give you a minute

Long Distance Leadership: Can Distance Drive Engagement and Results? thumbnail

I was intrigued by the recent article by Scott Edinger in HBR Blog Network, Why Remote Workers are More Engaged. He shares research that shows that remote workers are more engaged, and rate their leadership more highly. His article sparked a flurry of comments and debate, including questions of limited sample size and statistical significance. Despite the skeptics, I have not been able to get this conversation out

Open-Space Leadership: When Less is More

Open-Space Leadership: When Less is More thumbnail

Sometimes leadership is just about creating an open-space and getting out-of-the-way. I love using Open-Space Technology with a large group to generate ideas. It’s an amazing, high-energy, low-cost way to hold a powerful meeting. Participants essentially create their own agenda and self-organize into groups to discuss topics that matter to them. Although it’s useful to have a trained facilitator help

5 Ways Leaders Bust Confidence

5 Ways Leaders Bust Confidence thumbnail

Leaders work hard to build confidence in their teams. They know that building confident teams and people is vital to success. Confident team members are more creative, communicate more effectively, and take more risks. Plus, it’s easier to delegate to a confident person. Sometimes the very actions leaders take to create confidence, can backfire. How does what was meant to be a confidence-builder become a

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