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8 Reasons Your Peers Rate You Low on Your 360 Feedback Assessment thumbnail

Without a doubt, the peer rating is by far the most consistent shocker for folks taking a 360 degree feedback assessment. Managers usually have a good grip on what their boss thinks, and at least an inkling of the pain points for their direct reports, but for some reason peer feedback tends to feel like stepping on a Lego in the middle of the night– yikes, where did THAT come from? As I work with managers to

A 360 Feedback Tool You Can Do Yourself

A 360 Feedback Tool You Can Do Yourself thumbnail

Chances are, unless you ask, most people won’t tell. People are holding back their best thinking on how you can improve. In fact, research consistently shows that people rate themselves higher than others do. When it comes to self-assessment, our confidence seems to out-weigh our humility. This is partly because we know our own context, and therefore give ourselves the benefit of the doubt.”Sure, I

Motivation And Transparency: The Conversation Continues

Today’s post is a follow-up to our June 21st discussion: What Motives You: 360 degree Perceptions. I challenged you to explore your motivation through introspection and conversation. Write down 3 or 4 sentences that you believe truly describe what motivates you. e.g. “To challenge people to grow toward their full potential” Identify 5 or so people you trust to give you candid feedback. Ask them

What Motivates You? 360 Degree Perceptions thumbnail

What motivates you? What would your friends say motives you? How about your mom? Your boss? Your kids? It’s been a while since we did some real work together at Let’s Grow Leaders. Today I challenge you to a short-term experiment that I picked up reading What Keeps Leaders Up at Night. More to come on that book. It’s fantastic. I’m meeting with the author soon… Join in the “What

Diaper Genie Feedback

Diaper Genie Feedback thumbnail

Today’s post is a direct response to a subscriber’s question: I took my first real leadership position when my oldest son was still in diapers. Every time I used our diaper genie, I thought, this is just how feedback and bad news works. Each level takes the poop and seals it in a bag before it gets sent to the next level up. Then, that level sanitizes it some more with another layer of protection. By the

Feedback: Getting Great Insights From People Who Matter thumbnail

As leaders, getting enough feedback on your leadership can sometimes be a challenge. Of course, it’s important to know what your boss thinks. What is equally important are the broader impressions your leadership is making up down and sideways. Today I share some formal and informal tools to get the conversation started.

Who Are You Asking for Feedback?

One of the most frequent questions folks ask me