Kermit the Frog as Leader? It’s Not Easy Leading Green

July 6, 2012 — 8 Comments

Growing Leaders of All Ages:
Part of my mission for this blog is engaging leaders of all ages in the leadership conversation.  Today, I present a guest post from Jared Herr, age 12.  If you are a leader of any age, interested in collaborating on a guest post on leadership, let’s talk more.

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Kermit is a strong leader in many ways:

  • He works to make the muppets the best that they can be
  • He is inspiring because he always tries his hardest
  • He brings misfit animals together and makes them a team
  • He always has a plan
  • He is a collaborative decision maker 
  • He is self-reflective 
What are Kermit’s leadership challenges?
  • He takes things too personally
  • He has trouble giving tough feedback
  • He needs more work-life balance

Jared’s advice to Kermie…

You are a caring amphibian and always try to make others the best they can be. You put the muppets in roles where you know the can succeed.  You are a role model of hard work, and get all of those crazy animals pulling together as a team.  You inspire them to care about one another.

Kermit, one of your greatest strengths as a leader, self-reflection, is also your challenge.  You may want to check out Karin’s post (is strength your weakness).  For example,  you will double and triple check yourself to make sure every muppet is in a part of the show. But when things go wrong, you take it out on yourself. You always point out things you messed up with or things you should have done. I think you feel a lot of pressure being a leader.

I wish you could have more confidence in your decisions.  Once when you fired Miss Piggy (she deserved it), you ended up face down on the floor (of course, that may have something to do with dysfunctional love, but that’s another post).

You are so nice.  I worry sometimes you have trouble confronting or giving the tough coaching messages.  You always lead to victory in the end.  You might save some time if you could give more direct coaching along the way.

Kermit, you sure seem to face a lot of pressure as leader of the muppets.

I worry that you feel like as their leader, you need to be with them 24/7, and you don’t get much personal time.

All said, it is not easy leading green.  And you have a nice track record of results.  Keep up the great work.  I know you will continue to grow into an amazing leader.

Check out some of Karin’s other posts that may help:

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Jared Herr is 12 years old and a rising 7th grader. He likes to play basketball, swim, and act. He is a big fan of the muppets. For the seventh consecutive year, he is taking part in Alex’s Lemonade Stand, a charity that helps find a cure to pediatric  cancer. Together, he and his friend have raised over 25,000 dollars for cancer research.

8 responses to Kermit the Frog as Leader? It’s Not Easy Leading Green

  1. It’s awesome Karin! Thanks so much for this experience.

  2. Jared,
    Well done. You seem to understand Kermit verrry well – perhaps even relate to him a bit.

  3. Jared, excellent documentary… you are a 12 year old mastermind, just like Artemis Fowl. I am impressed.

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