Too Many Business Meetings Asking For a Friend With Karin Hurt

Too Many Business Meetings? What to Do Now

Delegate Business Meetings to Save Time and Grow Your Team

I’m not exactly sure why this is a thing. But for some reason, working from home seems to have quadrupled the number of business meetings for nearly every manager I talk with.

We’ve been sharing advice on streamlining these business meetings, shortening them, and making them more efficient. And yet, it’s possible that you’ve done all that, and still have too many meetings.

If this sounds familiar, it could be time to delegate.

But you may ask, how can I be sure the manager I send will represent me well? How can I feel confident they’ll have the confidence to speak up, share ideas, and advocate for our team’s needs?

In this week’s Asking for a Friend, I share some practical approaches for delegating meetings, so you can free up some of your time to do the work that only you can do.

I have so many business meetings that I can barely get any work done… what should I do? #AskingForaFriend

Additional Support For Your Managers Leading Remote Meetings

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