Less is Less: The Problem with Soundbites

I’ve screwed up “less,” by extrapolating to more. I’ve embarrassed myself by jumping to soundbites.

Something is wrong somewhere in one location, on one team, with one important customer.

Don’t assume the problem is far-reaching. One mistake may be one mistake. One employee does not represent the entire team. One problem may not mean you need more training, incentives, or change. Beware of the one-off sound bite.

Avoid the Lure of “Less”

“Rumors are like ripples in a cornfield. They are ephemeral, but they do indicate which way the wind is blowing.”
~Susan J. Palmer

Don’t jump to soundbites. Pause. Follow these tips.

  • Breathe
  • Clarify
  • Get more data
  • Isolate the variables
  • Connect the dots
  • Ask provocative questions
  • Ask the obvious questions
  • Know your biases
  • ?