20 Ways To Frustrate Your Team

If you are a leader, you will frustrate your team. You don’t mean to. You likely frustrated someone today. I know, I know, your boss frustrates you too.

I asked our community through Let’s Grow Leaders Facebook, Twitter and other social media forums, about “how leaders frustrate their teams ” Please feel free to add yours to the mix.

Leaders Frustrate Their Teams By…

  1. Asking for ideas.. but ignoring them (#1 answer by a landslide)
  2. Not listening (a very strong #2)
  3. Not valuing their contributions, strengths, or accomplishments
  4. Not investing in their growth
  5. Not believing in them
  6. Having an apathetic attitude
  7. Not doing what you say they will
  8. Not leading by example, or living up to what you demand
  9. Being inconsistent
  10. Saying one thing and doing another
  11. Lack of focus
  12. Constantly changing direction
  13. Acting without a plan
  14. Stifling creativity
  15. Unclear communication
  16. Demoralizing as a method of “motivation”
  17. Using carrots and sticks to “build engagement”
  18. Not giving feedback
  19. Complaining about organizational politics
  20. Wasting their time
Oh, and this was just fun. Some boomerang advice.

Drake Australia ‏@DrakeAustralia

“Instead of getting frustrated, consider your bosses imperfections as a blessing.” http://bit.ly/YnYjZ4  via @LetsGrowLeaders

My favorite Facebook quote was from Dan Eberts, “stop treating them like mushrooms by keeping them in the dark and feeding them BS.”

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Karin Hurt

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