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7 Reasons to Be A Little More Grateful At Work (Reflections and an Exercise) thumbnail

With all the stress and pressure, sometimes it feels really hard to cultivate a feeling of gratitude at work.  You might feel stuck. Or passed over. Or taken advantage of. Or just wanting someone to say “thank you” for all you’re doing–for goodness sakes. Or _____________________ (it’s okay, let it out first). Life it tricky. Gratitude is never simple. The situation could always be

What Is Gratitude?

What Is Gratitude? thumbnail

True gratitude begins wtih deep humility. True gratitude changes us. True gratitude transforms our relationships. True gratitude changes the game.

Courtesies Aren’t Gratitude

And yet, as leaders, we spend much time on “Thanks for passing the gravy” kind of thanks. …thanks for this report …thanks for the update …thanks for coming to work on time …thanks for returning my

The True Story Of Thanksgiving

The True Story Of Thanksgiving

“That’s not my Thanksgiving story,” Sam confided as we watched the joyous reunions of families with kids returning from college. “I came home from college to find my room now had a crib with a new baby. My bed had been moved to the unfinished basement. The message was clear. I never came back, and my mom was fine with that. She moved on.” His heartbreaking story stands in stark contrast to his life today

Grateful For Gratitude: November Frontline Festival

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, November’s Frontline Festival is about forms of Gratitude. I am grateful for my amazing colleagues and subscribers for your contributions and comments. Please comment at the bottom of this post, as we celebrate our gratitude together: What are you most grateful for this Thanksgiving?

How to Give Thanks and Praise

Frank Sonnenberg, Frank Sonnenberg Online, offers Ways

Gratitude Parade: Great Posts on Gratitude and Thanksgiving thumbnail

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, there have been so many great posts on gratitude this month. Today, I offer you links to insights from fellow bloggers on the art of gratitude.

Why Be Grateful?

The Pursuit of Peace: Thanksgiving as a Lifestyle by Andy Tix Andy Tix shares the positive psychological benefits of gratitude and offers suggestions and examples


Thanksgiving Grace and Grappling: Growing Beyond Easy thumbnail

Today I offer my grace of thanksgiving for all that I have been given. I also whisper a humble grace for the messy work that is helping me to become. May you too be blessed in your grappling this Thanksgiving.

“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you

Grateful Gone Missing? In Search of Gratitude thumbnail

This month many folks I know are participating in the Facebook Daily Gratitude Challenge. They are posting “something for which they are truly grateful” each day. My friend Lisa wrote, “I am grateful for gratitude.” Ah, I thought, now that is something to consider.

What is grateful?

What does it mean to be truly grateful? How does gratitude change us? Why must leaders be grateful? What are you