3 Troubling Troubles of “Troublemakers”

The troublemaker. You know the type. He’s the noisy one. He ALWAYS has an opinion. He has no filter. Sometimes he raises his voice. When you see him coming you may find ways to look busy and avoid the conversation.

When no one is looking you may even mutter some choice words under your breath.

Most teams experience a “troublemaker” from time to time.

The Trouble with Troublemakers

I’ve found 3 troubling troubles with such troublemakers. What have you found?

Trouble #1: They Create Negative Energy

Unchecked troublemakers may create a negative drain on a positive team. They can dominate meetings. Others may try to stand up to them for a while, but give up when it just eggs them on.

Trouble #2: They Bring Out the Worst in Your Leadership

After a while these troublemakers may wear on you too. When you are under pressure, you may lose patience. You may stop listening. You may react in a negative way.

Trouble #3: They May Be Right

These “troublemakers” may be loud and frustrating, but they are often right. The real trouble is they are often worth listening to. Beneath all that noise and confusion, are often salient concerns worth checking out with the rest of the team.

Tips for Taming the Trouble

Here’s some techniques that I have found worthwhile. What would you add?

  • Validate their feelings, ensure they feel heard
  • Take it offline, don’t engage in debate in front of the team
  • Schedule private time to hear their ideas
  • Give them a specific, productive role on the team
  • Keep them challenged
  • Recognize their successes
  • Provide space to talk about other issues they may be experiencing
  • Talk with them about what would help them skip to work
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