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Leadership Spine Poems as Reflective Practice: If Your Books Could Talk… thumbnail

What does your bookshelf say about you? What if your leadership books could collaborate to support your growth? Spine Poems provide new perspective on your reading choices. The idea, take a quick look at your shelf, and use the spines to create a poem. The exercise provides perspective your topics of choice and how they hang together. Give it a try. What are your books yearning to say? I asked my online friends to

Words With Teams: A Simply Insightful Teambuilding Exercise thumbnail

I’m always looking for ways to keep remote teams connected.  Remote work drives thirst for daily inspiration and touch points.  Sharing words helps.  Words uncover meaning.  Words inform.  Words create community. I emailed my larger team, “what’s one word that inspires your leadership?” Powerful responses within 24 hours, over 40% of my team shared their words with

Leadership Candy Hearts: A Valentines Day Teambuilder thumbnail

Leadership grows with conversation. It’s Valentines day– How about spreading the conversation with a few candy hearts? I still get nostalgic for the doily decorated lunch bag full of cardboard valentines in elementary school, coupled with that sickening feeling from eating too many candy hearts. Perhaps you’ve upgraded your Valentines Day to more sophisticated endeavors. Or perhaps you secretly

3 Easy and Practical Team Building Activities thumbnail

It’s been a rather heavy week on Let’s Grow Leaders, talking about Courage, Fear, Transparency, and Chaos. So I am going to end the week on a lighter note. I had my team in town this week, working on business strategy and plans. We also made time the day before for a few practical and easy team building activities. These activities are not original, but they worked quite well, with little prep, and