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A working student in my evening MBA program approached me to talk about a work situation that was driving her crazy. She gave me the gory behind-the-scenes view: a few apathetic employees were fully taking advantage of a system that had let them get away with ridiculous performance for too long. She was a new supervisor and knew what was right. Apparently her instincts had been reinforced in our class that night

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My friend, Regina, says that she considers a kid’s book report a win if only one person ends up crying. I remember the wailing and gnashing of teeth I put my parents through in the early years. And last night was one of those nights at the Hurt household. My husband, a firefighter, was on an overnight shift, so it was just me, Sebastian, a bucket of Swedish Fish and the promise of a very long night. I imagine

why team leaders tolerate poor performance

Letting slackers slide reduces your credibility, causes your best performers to bolt, and leaves the rest of the team wondering why they bother. No one wants to mire in their own mediocrity. And high-performers hate nothing more than watching their poor-performing teammates drag down results. Tolerating poor performance creates a morale death spiral that takes Herculean force to reverse. Of course there’s also

Stack Ranking Performance Management Systems

My boss’ voice was visibly shaken on the other end of the phone. “I’m so sorry,” he whispered. “We have too many ‘leadings’ this year. You won’t be able to rate your top performer leading, or give her the extra pay.” “What?” I was shocked. This woman had a hell of year. Plus, I had only submitted one name at that level. “How can that be?, I

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If you are just tuning in this week, we are in the midst of a series on Building Results That Last Beyond Your Tenure. An important component to achieve your vision and accomplish your goals, is identifying the right behaviors at every level. Just as with creating the vision, you have choices. You can identify the key behaviors and build performance management systems and rewards to reinforce them. That may work