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5 Ways To Make Your Meetings More Productive

I texted my colleague: “do you think we both need to attend the 3pm meeting?” He quickly shot back: “Karin, I don’t think anyone needs to go to that meeting. Don’t worry, I’ll represent both of us.” And there we were two executives, not speaking up in the spirit of being politically correct, and covering for one another to minimize the pain. After all, we had real work to

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“Okay, we need everyone’s full attention so here are the meeting rules. No texting. No sidebars. Full participation.” If you have to start your meeting with ultimatums, something is wrong. Sure you could scold the team into paying attention. Better yet, figure out why they don’t want to.

3 Reasons Your Meeting is a Waste of Time

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The Scary Secret to Great Meetings

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The first time it happened, I was devastated. After all the hard work on building relationships. All that investment in the team. All that transparency. All that work to create a level-less organization. Why had my direct report team started holding “secret” meetings without me? Why was that necessary? What was I doing wrong? Was this an indication that I had become the proverbial “boss” an