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3 Lessons Of The Expectant Leader

3 Lessons Of The Expectant Leader

“Expectations” is one of my favorite topics. Today, please enjoy the lessons of expectant leaders, from leader and guest blogger Dave Bratcher. Ever wonder why performance is not at the level you expected? We often look through the rear view mirror to analyze our performance. Just as the mirror suggests, “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.” They are closer because the one who is

The Power of Great Expectations

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It was March over a decade ago. I had just finished singing Amazing Grace and was headed down from the choir loft back to my pew. My Dad began the eulogy for my Grandma, who had died that week. He looked at his brothers and sisters in the first row and said, “I am thankful for expectations.” Me too. Sometimes we are told to expect less. Don’t listen. Some of my biggest successes have come just

How To Reset Your Team’s Expectations

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In Friday’s post, How To Transform Mid-Team, we talked about you how prepare your team for your evolving leadership style. But what if you also have new expectations for your team? Not only are you evolving, but you need them to as well. That’s even more difficult. Perhaps you will be… asking them to make more decisions holding the team accountable stopping the sidebars in meetings surfacing the