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Why Have We Stopped Talking About Diversity At Work? thumbnail

I’ll never forget attending a leadership development program at a fancy hotel in the early 1990s. The main topic was diversity. John, my well-dressed, articulate, black peer, came back from the coffee break with tears in his eyes, saying he was standing outside getting some fresh air, when some guy handed him his keys thinking he was the valet. He looked right at me, and said, “Karin there is no way on

The Surprising Way To Expand Your Range

The Surprising Way To Expand Your Range

I’ve always found great joy in singing, and was voted “most likely to spontaneously burst into song” in high school. From grade school through college, I sang in every choir available, always as an alto. My voice was so low, in a pinch, I would help out the tenors. Each time I had a new director, I would announce, “I’m an alto, I don’t sing above a third space C. I’m solid with a tight harmony, so no

Inclusion And Engagement: LGL On Webtalk Radio

To access the podcast, click on the title above or go to: Web Talk Radio. Delighted to chat with Al Gonzalez on “Leading Beyond The Status Quo”. We explore the intersection of inclusion and employee engagement. Fun to share stories.


Did you know that 71% of all workers in the US are disengaged? While many diversity efforts are providing visual evidence of success, the number of

Are You Developing Your Team’s Mutant Powers? thumbnail

In some organizations its standard practice to “groom” leaders to adapt to corporate norms. We teach future leaders to speak so they can be heard. We encourage rising stars to capture their ideas just right in the perfect Powerpoint template. We teach them when, where, and with whom to share their ideas. I work hard to develop these skills on my team (and in fact am writing about how to “speak to

Disclosure in Leadership? The Benefits and Risks of Showing Up Real thumbnail

If you are like most leaders, you are concerned about your image and your brand. You want to show up strong, confident, and worthy of being followed. But what happens when you’re not feeling strong? What happens when life throws you curve balls to juggle on top of your leadership? What’s the risk of disclosure? What’s the risk of keeping things hidden? In full disclosure, I share a story of