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Leadership Heresy: A #Winningwell Guest Post by David Dye thumbnail

I’m in trouble now. I’m about to commit heresy. I want to address what I believe to be one of the most important aspects of your workplace leadership. In my work with thousands of business leaders across industries, geography, and over many years, I’ve repeatedly seen people lose their influence because they don’t address this one thing. In many leadership forums, many leadership books, and not a few social

13 Stupid Sentences That Will Derail Your Career

I wish HR would teach a course on the really stupid sentences people say at work. Oh, I’m not talking about he obvious stupidity: “you look hot in that dress” or “hey baby”. There’s training and rules for that. But there’s no code of conduct to protect against the stupid, dis-empowering words I often hear up, down and sideways. Before writing this post, I decided to do an

How To Reset Your Team’s Expectations

How To Reset Your Team’s Expectations thumbnail

In Friday’s post, How To Transform Mid-Team, we talked about you how prepare your team for your evolving leadership style. But what if you also have new expectations for your team? Not only are you evolving, but you need them to as well. That’s even more difficult. Perhaps you will be… asking them to make more decisions holding the team accountable stopping the sidebars in meetings surfacing the