Resume Remedy: 5 Questions Your Resume Must Answer

That guy with the job posting already has an “obvious choice.” He’s been grooming several mentees. Others have invested in informational interviews. HR told him he had to post the job, so he’s got a stack of candidates. You’ve got a slim chance. How will your resume stand out?

Your resume must scream, “you would be a knucklehead if you didn’t talk to me. ” I’ve read such resumes. I’ve hired the not-so-obvious choice. It started with a resume that could answer my questions.

5 Questions Your Resume Must Answer

Even if you’re not looking for a job now, pull out your resume. Are you listing responsibilities, or telling a powerful story?

1. Do you drive sustained results?

Most resumes talk responsibilities, scope and scale. Instead, talk % improvement, growth, or $ saved. Resumes must talk numbers. Include your story of sustained change. Resumes without data are fluff.

2. How do you lead?

Provide evidence of leadership. Briefly talk approach. If you led people, don’t describe your accomplishments in terms of “I.” No fluffy words. Specifics invite conversation.

3. Can you adapt and grow?

Show me risks. Linear career path? Talk volunteer gig. Explain how you lead in risky times.

4. Do you care about quality?

Every job search book says, “use spell check.” 80% of resumes I receive include typos. Or bad formatting or misdirected audience. Fix it, or don’t send it.

5. Can you drive innovation?

Talk about how you drove change. Describe how you are an irresistible change agent. (This could be a key differentiator between you and the obvious choice)