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Discover the Power of Meaningful Work in the Era of AI

by | Mar 22, 2024 | Podcast

Episode 249: In this episode, you’ll join David Dye as he hosts Ed Hess, author of “Own Your Work Journey,” in a deep dive into discovering the power of meaningful work in the era of Ai. Ed explores the crucial role of critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and trade jobs in the era of smart technology. Ed gives you the tools to take ownership of your thinking, listening, and collaboration skills so you can thrive even during fast technological change.

Ed emphasizes the value of humility and encourages you to actively seek out conflicting information to challenge your beliefs. He recommends finding an accountability partner and engaging in deliberate practice to continuously improve and adapt to the changing landscape.

As the episode wraps up, Ed will inspire you to embrace smart principles and take control of your ego, emotions, and behaviors to truly stand out in the workplace. So, if you’re looking to navigate the modern professional world while maintaining your integrity, tune in to this insightful discussion.

Unlocking Meaningful Work: Navigating Smart Technology and Human Value

00:00 – 03:10: The Future of Work in the Age of Smart Technology

Technology’s rapid advancement means it will soon outpace human intelligence. Critical thinking is essential amidst societal divisiveness, emphasizing the need for innovative problem-solving.

03:10 – 07:18: Introduction to Ed Hess and Meaningful Work

Ed stresses the importance of meaningful work amidst technological change. Success lies in adapting skills that differentiate humans from technology: critical thinking, emotional connection, and specialized trade jobs.

07:18 – 10:24: Three Ways to Add Value Beyond Technology

Ed outlines three essential skills to maintain relevance: critical thinking, emotional connection, and specialized trade jobs. These skills are crucial for you to thrive in an increasingly automated world.

10:24 – 14:50: Cultivating Critical Thinking and Emotional Connection

Critical thinking and emotional intelligence are pivotal for fostering positive relationships within your business. Human-centric leadership involves building caring, trusting relationships, essential for long-term success.

14:50 – 18:59: Overcoming Internal Challenges for Personal Growth

The biggest obstacle to personal growth is often internal, rooted in human nature’s resistance to change. Rewiring ourselves to embrace curiosity, openness, and self-reflection is key to unlocking our full potential in the workplace.

21:53 – 25:51: Cultivating Meaningful Work and Happiness

The long-term commitment required for personal transformation, achieving meaningful work and happiness is not a quick process but rather a lifelong journey. The importance of humility in the context of the “new Smart” principles introduced by Ed, highlight how humility is essential for adapting to smart technology and radical change.

30:17 – 37:56: The Power of Deliberate Practice and Accountability

The significance of deliberate practice in personal development, David draws examples from various fields to illustrate its importance in skill acquisition and mastery. He also reflects on the positive impact of accountability partnerships in personal growth, sharing anecdotes of individuals who found it to be the best thing they’ve ever done for their professional and personal development.

39:38 – 43:35: Navigating Workplace Dynamics with Humility

Ed addresses concerns about showing humility in a competitive workplace environment. He advises approaching interactions with colleagues tactfully, suggesting that asking questions rather than imposing beliefs can foster productive dialogue. He emphasizes the importance of understanding others’ perspectives while maintaining personal integrity and resilience.

48:29 – 51:08: Making Personal Development Accessible

David discusses accessibility to personal development resources, highlighting the affordability of Ed’s book and online content. He encourages you invest in your growth, emphasizing the transformative potential of applying principles such as critical thinking and self-reflection. He underscores the value of ongoing learning and adaptation in navigating the challenges of the modern workplace.

50:42 – end: Embracing Challenges as Part of the Journey

Inevitability you will face challenges and setbacks on the path to meaningful work and happiness. Perseverance and self-awareness are important. Overcoming obstacles is an integral part of the journey towards personal and professional fulfillment.

Thank you To Our Guest

Ed Hess has 20 years experience as business executive before joining academia. Author of 15 books, over 160 articles for practitioners and 60 Darden Cases. Ed’s work has appeared in over 450 media outlets globally. For a copy of his book, check out his website, ownyourworkjourney.com.

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Want more human-centered leaders in the workplace? Share this today!

Want more human-centered leaders in the workplace? Share this today!


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