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7 Reasons Collaboration Breaks Down

7 Reasons Collaboration Breaks Down thumbnail

Great ideas come in halves,  these are the words I hear often from my LGL en Español partner, Kay Valenzuela. I believe it.  Work is enhanced by true collaboration. One of the best parts of my entrepreneurial journey has been the amazing collaborations, in writing, in business, in shared passions. I’ve got four deep collaborations in process now, including writing a children’s picture book with Alli

Leadership Spine Poems as Reflective Practice: If Your Books Could Talk… thumbnail

What does your bookshelf say about you? What if your leadership books could collaborate to support your growth? Spine Poems provide new perspective on your reading choices. The idea, take a quick look at your shelf, and use the spines to create a poem. The exercise provides perspective your topics of choice and how they hang together. Give it a try. What are your books yearning to say? I asked my online friends to

Collaborative Competition: The Extraordinary Power of Trash Talk thumbnail

Collaborative competition inspires. Seeing “them” inspires “us.” Competition makes work fun. Unless, it doesn’t. Stay on the right side of trash talk.  Create collaborative competition to inspire your team.

A New York State of Mind

I ran a 2000 person sales team so did the guys in New York. They were the “ones to catch” on some metrics. In others we led the way. We studied their

Words With Teams: A Simply Insightful Teambuilding Exercise thumbnail

I’m always looking for ways to keep remote teams connected.  Remote work drives thirst for daily inspiration and touch points.  Sharing words helps.  Words uncover meaning.  Words inform.  Words create community. I emailed my larger team, “what’s one word that inspires your leadership?” Powerful responses within 24 hours, over 40% of my team shared their words with

How To Build A Community of Collaboration thumbnail

What is a community? Can you have one at work? Should you? If you want more of a community feel, how do you create it? Whose job is it? Senior management? Frontline leaders? The employees? HR? Do programs produce community or do people? Today, I raise more questions than answers. Community Can Happen Some of the teams and organizations I have been part of have become a community. Some have not. You know it when you

Team Chemistry: Leveraging Diversity to Drive Team Performance thumbnail

There is much good research on the characteristics of high-performing teams. It is possible to structure teams in ways that maximize performance (e.g. small number, shared vision, complimentary skill sets). A great resource for this is Katzenbach and Smith’s The Wisdom of Teams. I have been on teams that are identical in these criteria, and yet there is an invisible factor that seems to drive

Team Trouble? How to Build a Team One Person at a Time thumbnail

My phone rang again this week. It was a front-line leader I have known for years having team trouble. “I can’t get them motivated. They just don’t seem to care like I do. I am not sure what to do, I’ve tried everything.” I have received this same call many times over the years, not from this person but from others in similar circumstances. When the frustration level hits a wall like

Email as a Reflective Practice: Thoughtful Writing to Spark Conversation thumbnail

Having a Reflective Practice means finding a deliberate way to stop and think. It’s a ritual you do regularly to pause, consider, and learn. So, can email be a good medium on which to build a reflective practice? Stop laughing.

“Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.”