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7 Career Frustrations Every Go-Getter Feels thumbnail

Odds are that some executive in your life is making it all look easy. The quick rise to the top. In perfect shape, with the the perfect family all dressed cleanly in the company colors at the company picnic.  The exec’s declaration that he’s “never missed one of his kids games” leaves you stunned. You look at your hectic life, the challenges, the tradeoffs, the disappointments, the times

How Not to Screw Up When You’ve Been Screwed Over thumbnail

When I heard his story, I wanted to scream with him and for him. But screaming at water under the bridge just brings more rapids. I paused for what was an uncomfortably long time. Then, I whispered, “I know this hurts. But you have to stop. Kick and scream and get it all out, and then take a deep breath and take off on the high road.” It’s true that John didn’t deserve this. Passionately

Perfect Vision is Over-Rated

Perfect Vision is Over-Rated thumbnail

You had a perfect vision. Great plans. Strong execution strategy. You worked very hard. You recruited the best talent. Game on. Oh crap. You didn’t anticipate the change in weather. The new competitor. The newcomers with new ideas. You dig into your plan harder, someone calls you pushy. Your feelings are hurt. You keep pushing. They don’t understand how hard you’ve worked. It’s too late to

Chaos Curtailed: How To Shield Your Team

Chaos Curtailed: How To Shield Your Team thumbnail

I am a big believer in transparency. Transparency builds trust and creates a trusting and respectful work environment. Share vision. Share rationale. Share decision-making processes. Don’t share chaos. Trust me. I’ve learned this one the hard way. Sharing too much may make you feel better, but the stress multiplies as it rolls down hill. Resist the urge and learn to become a buffer.