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How To Recruit Leaders In Your Volunteer Organization

Shortly after joining a new church, the council president enthusiastically revealed that I was part of their “volunteer leadership succession plan.” I politely declined and spent the next month working to act less “leader-like” at church. Plus, I figured if I skipped coffee hour, I could dodge the recruiters. Busy people freak out when asked to lead too much too soon. Some of your volunteer

4 Surprising Reasons You’re Hiring The Wrong Candidate

You work hard to select the right candidate. Missing the mark is emotionally and financially expensive. Take a deeper look at your processes. The techniques you use to find Ms. Right, may be leaving you with Mr. Just Okay. Don’t settle for good, attract great.

4 Surprising Reasons You’re Hiring the Wrong Candidate

It’s Not them, It’s You – Top-notch internal candidates do their

The Biggest Recruiting Mistake

The Biggest Recruiting Mistake thumbnail

The recruiting process for my first job was intense. The sales pitch began with shiny brochures and a promise that once I “graduated” from this “elite” and “intense” management training program, I could move to any aspect of the company. “It was a great start for HR, training, or frontline leadership.” From there the recruiting and interviewing continued; interviews

How to Stink at a Behavior-Based Interview thumbnail

Most companies use behavior-based interviews for leadership jobs. Many leaders are really bad at them. I have seen many highly qualified candidates not get hired because of their inability to tell the right story in the right way. In a Behavioral Based Interview, candidates are asked to describe a situation, share what happened, and communicate the results. In other words, to share a story. Behavior-based questions