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When Passive Aggressive Meets The Truth #meanit

He was the poster-child for passive aggressive (at least that’s my side of the story). In an effort to keep the peace, I’d tried to shake it off. I’d kept my mouth shut, and encouraged my team to take the “high road”. But the high road was getting bumpier with time. With all this #meanit talk, I realized I needed to take a bit of my own advice; but frankly, I was worried about the

5 Reasons Your Peers Are Getting Snarky

5 Reasons Your Peers Are Getting Snarky

He’s driven, ambitious and successful. His boss loves him and he’s on the fast track. His peers are getting snarky, but he doesn’t have time to worry about that crap. They’re just jealous. “They’re not as serious about performance as I am.” “I’ve got a job to do, I don’t have time to make friends.” “I don’t care if they like me, this is

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