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Why You’re Not Getting Hired

Why You’re Not Getting Hired thumbnail

I get frustrated and sad when I see highly qualified people unable to sell themselves in a job they deserve. It happened again, perhaps you know someone who can benefit from this story and actions that followed.

Meet Me in St. Louis

The sweet woman next to me on the flight from Denver to St. Louis shared her story. She had a masters in teaching, and yet kept piecing together assistant jobs to make ends meet

Interviewing? 4 Ways to Set Yourself Apart thumbnail

It takes more than qualifications to get the job. Don’t count on your track record. In a close race, best prepared wins. Two candidates were interviewing for a District Sales Manager position. Both had great backgrounds and qualifications. Both nailed the Behavior Based Interview, and we moved on to talk about their planned approach. Joe (not his real name) came with his generic 90 day strategy. It was as if

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Most companies use behavior-based interviews for leadership jobs. Many leaders are really bad at them. I have seen many highly qualified candidates not get hired because of their inability to tell the right story in the right way. In a Behavioral Based Interview, candidates are asked to describe a situation, share what happened, and communicate the results. In other words, to share a story. Behavior-based questions