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The Power of Always: Making Commitments You Can Keep thumbnail

I will always brush my teeth before I go to bed. That’s pretty easy. I will always exercise at least 5 times a week. Unless, I get stuck in the airport, my kid gets sick, there’s a hurricane, A bit harder. As leaders we have long lists of intentions. We do our best to keep our commitments. Unless…

Identifying What’s Always Important

“You are what

Felons, Leopards, Spots and Feedback: A Short Story of Missed Opportunity thumbnail

Last night I accidentally had dinner with an old college friend. It was one of those fun chance meetings which quickly leads to a run down of every mutual acquaintance and what they are up to. He shared a story that got me thinking about feedback, and my responsibility to give it.

The Story of Missed Feedback

He began, ” and Joe (not his real name) is a convicted felon.” “What! Story

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