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iStock 000024445339XSmall 300x273 Help Your Team Become More in 2014 ”If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
-John Quincy Adams 

My eyes are crossing and my neck is twitchy after 27 conference calls to finalize our 2014 Performance Agreements. We’ve debated what defines a “balanced scorecard” and negotiated performance objectives down to the decimal point.

As is par for the course in big companies, standardization is vital to ensure we’re fair and consistent.  But nailing the perfect performance formula alone won’t inspire game-changing ideas or grow deeper leadership.

If you’re mired in similar new year, performance activities, be sure you take time to engage deeper conversations.  Encourage your team to become more. Continue Reading…

iStock 000008797720XSmall 300x199 The Power of Great Expectations

It was March over a decade ago.  I had just finished singing Amazing Grace and was headed down from the choir loft back to my pew.  My Dad began the eulogy for my Grandma, who had died that week.  He looked at his brothers and sisters in the first row and said, “I am thankful for expectations.”

Me too.

Sometimes we are told to expect less.  Don’t listen.  Some of my biggest successes have come just after I was warned to “lower my expectations.” Continue Reading…

You had a great year… you worked hard, you achieved results, and learned along the way.  Great… now what can you discard?

givepermissiontodiscard3 300x300 Discard and Replenish:  What Will You Stop Doing in 2013?

2013 will bring new challenges, exciting initiatives and inspiring ideas.  With that will come more work, new project plans, and of course new metrics and reporting.     The new initiatives will come on fast and furious, likely with sizzle and inspiration.

Your days were already full… no matter how refreshed you feel, you cannot add more stuff, without discarding what has become clutter.   Your team can’t either.

How can you empower them to discard? Continue Reading…

eggs1 300x200 How to Pick the Right Big GoalWant more success and fun for your team?   Try picking one BIG goal.

When looking to make a difference for the business, I always look for the “one big goal” that we can accomplish that will really make an impact. As Covey would say, what is your most “Wildly Important Goal”?  What will be dramatically different (better) after our team is done with it?  What needs to be transformed?

Of course, organizations are complex and it’s impossible to have a singular focus.  However, I have found that planning for one BIG success,  along with one or two other related goals, creates a clear path that is easy to follow.  You will know if you have accomplished this if years later, people are still talking about the contribution that team made.

4 Ways to Grow Your Goal

Pick the Right BIG Goal

  • What does the business need most?
  • What are others struggling to accomplish?
  • What do people think can’t be done?
  • What is this team best positioned to do?
  • Are you passionately personally committed to this?

Gain Alignment

  • Do your boss and other key stakeholders see this as vital (even if they don’t think it is doable)
  • Are at least a few strong and energetic people on your team aligned (I have found in real turnaround situations, it usually takes some time to get everyone there)
  • Develop a zealous engagement and communication plan
  • Reinforce the vision non-stop (I have been accused of being a “maniac” about the vision)
  • Create imagery to align with the goal (use it to tie everything together)

Engage the Team

  • Involve everyone in the planning and execution
  • Involve them more
  • Break the problem down into manageable pieces, celebrate every milestone
  • Celebrate the big contributors, have them teach others
  • Learn from your skeptics, that bring them in to help
  • Celebrate the skeptic turnaround stories
  • Communicate constantly on the subject

Recognize Every Little Win

  • Create a rally cry, celebrate every contribution and link it to the bigger picture
  • Pay attention to what is working everywhere you go
  • Make success easy to notice, celebrate loudly and everywhere
  • Stay the course
In a complicated world we must do many things well.  We must be “AND” leaders.  I have also found that it is much more fun to also pick the home run in advance and leave nothing on the field when playing toward that goal.

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