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How To Be a More Powerful Listener

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Want to be a more powerful listener? If you’re like me, sometimes the distractions are personal. We’re afraid to hear ourselves. Great listening starts by setting aside the physical and emotional distractions that get in the way of what we most need to hear. But when we can, the impact is palpable. I encourage you to pick one person this week and really listen to what she has to say. Even if that person

5 Ways Listening Like an Anthropologist Will Make You a Better Leader thumbnail

When I was in grad school, there were clearly two camps (and they didn’t respect each other all that much): The scientests out to prove their hypotheses through experimentation, control groups, and statistical analysis, and the qualitative researchers who showed up, listened, and let the theories emerge. Being in business, and studying at night, I was initially drawn to the power of proof. But as I grew into

What Happens When We Really Listen

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Have you ever noticed that sometimes life rhymes? Something happens to you that fits together so well with what happens next that (as my editor would say of another one of my other rhyming days) “That story is so tight no one is going to believe it.” But the truth is, our lives are full of true rhyming stories ready to knock a message into our hearts if we can listen well enough to  hear them. This

Distracted Driving: Lead with Care

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You’re distracted. Multi-tasking. Getting work done. You’re trying hard to give everyone the attention they need. It’s hard. If you’re like me, being spread too thin leads to distracted focus. Distraction speaks louder than words. Today’s post, Distraction Speaks Louder than Words,  comes via the Lead Change Group, a terrific community of leadership thinkers. My inspiration for this topic came from

Effective Listening: Necessary, But Not Sufficient thumbnail

Why aren’t we better at listening? Is it really skills or something deeper? I’ve been intrigued by a 6 month, Leadership LinkedIn Discussion asking leaders to give “one piece of advice” for new leaders. With over 1300 comments, the discussion was skewed heavily toward one topic: effective listening. How leaders “listen” trumped all other discussion threads including transparency