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iStock 000018917656XSmall 300x300 Speed Mentoring:  Jump Starting Deeper ConnectionsFinding a great mentor is hard.   A lot goes into making mentoring work, but above all it starts with finding a great connection.

I spent today launching a new mentoring circle, with a bit of a twist.  Instead of a pure skip-level experience, all of my direct reports were involved, along with high-potential managers from across the organization.

We worked together on business problems, identified key priorities and challenges for the coming year, and came up with some fantastic strategies and plans.  There is so much power in collaboration.

And then we tried something new….“speed mentoring.” Continue Reading…

iStock 000008326039XSmall 201x300 Stupid Feedback:  When Stupid Smarts and What to Do About ItWe’ve all been on the receiving end of stupid feedback from time to time.  It’s mean. It hurts.  And it isn’t useful… or is it?

Feedback is stupid when it’s alarming,  but not specific… when we leave the conversation not understanding what to learn, or have any inkling about what to change.   It’s easy to become frustrated and defensive.

A stupid example

I just spoke with an old friend.  He was visibly distraught, “I was just told I am not a good leader,” Continue Reading…