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How to Survive a Terrible, User Boss

How to Survive a Terrible, User Boss thumbnail

I know it doesn’t feel like it now, but approach this temporary situation in your life well, and you’re in the best leadership training program money can’t buy. Observe your jerky boss’ actions and the impact. Repeat. Keep your comments to yourself. Repeat (the hardest part.) Seek out role models of better leadership. Repeat. Try some. Refine. Repeat. Keep your boss informed of your

On a Double Dutch Tight Rope: Your New Boss and You thumbnail

Over my career, I’ve underestimated the need to adapt well to a new boss more than once. Trust me, it’s harder to recover… but doable. Working for a new boss often feels like a tight rope. If you’ve got a new boss, you may be experiencing that nauseous feeling that comes from walking a fine line. That’s good. You need to be paying attention. My best advice for teams and new bosses?

The Biggest Networking Mistake

biggest networking mistakes

Sarah (not her real name) had just received a kick-in-the-gut career wake up call – the kind we all pray never happens. She had 60-days to find something new. Perhaps it was her fault, perhaps not. These situations are prickly. The grapevine was buzzing with rumors when what she needed was connections. “Do you want me to take a look at your LinkedIn profile?” I offered. I didn’t want to

How Well Do You Manage Up? A Challenge and Other Tools thumbnail

The conversation about Imperfect Bosses continues. Today, I’m exited to bring you several additional resources, including a free knowledge assessment. I hope you will share this with anyone having a challenging relationship with their boss. Overcoming An Imperfect Boss Credspark Challenge: How well do you manage up? How are you handling a difficult boss? Why does it all matter? Take this challenge to find

What Experts are Saying About Career Advice:  May Frontline Festival thumbnail

For May’s Frontline Festival, I asked experts around the world to share their best career advice. It’s amazing how consistent the ideas are across cultures and contexts. Thanks to all the contributors. This great graphic below is from Joy and Tom Gurthrie, Vizwerx Group. Follow Joy @VizwerxGroup

Holding Career Conversations

Jennifer V. Miller of The People Equation brings us Career

Missy Franklin: The Cincinnatus of the Olympics (a guest post from Greg Marcus) thumbnail

My favorite character from Latin class was Cincinnatus – he was a farmer who became Dictator to lead the Roman army against invaders, and then returned to his farming life after the war. The fame and glory did not prevent him from continuing to be who he wanted to be, and he willingly gave up almost absolute power to return to a simple life. Cincinnatus was revered as an exemplar of civic virtue, someone willing