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Why Have We Stopped Talking About Diversity At Work? thumbnail

I’ll never forget attending a leadership development program at a fancy hotel in the early 1990s. The main topic was diversity. John, my well-dressed, articulate, black peer, came back from the coffee break with tears in his eyes, saying he was standing outside getting some fresh air, when some guy handed him his keys thinking he was the valet. He looked right at me, and said, “Karin there is no way on

7 Fundamentals For Building Real Trust With Your Team thumbnail

Trust is tricky. It sure looks easy on paper (or a blog post.) But get out in real life, and what seems obvious and easy, suddenly becomes more difficult than securing funding for a corporate hover-craft. The sooner we talk about trust, why it works, and how it breaks down the better. That’s why I always start any emerging leader program by talking about trust. I’m preparing now for a new emerging

Are You a Closeted Servant Leader?

Are You a Closeted Servant Leader? thumbnail

Are you afraid to talk about leadership development at work? Would you like to invest more in developing your people, but worry that your boss will pooh pooh the idea? You’re not alone. This week, I had the honor of co-hosting the Online Servant Leadership Summit with Becky Robinson. We had some great guests including Ken Blanchard, author of the new One Minute Manager and Cheryl Bachelder, CEO of Popeyes. You

Go Slow to Go Fast

Go Slow to Go Fast thumbnail

Have you every had a really crazy date? Or worked with a leader who was totally delusional? Well that was me, about 15 years ago, single (again), feeling old (ironic now) and unsure on the Acela train. It was just after the diversity council debacle.  I was sitting in the café car on my way to NYC for another meeting trying to rebuild trust. I hadn’t looked up when the crowd pushed on at the Wilmington

How Do I Get My Peers to Trust Me?

How Do I Get My Peers to Trust Me? thumbnail

Honestly, I wish I learned this sooner. Having a tight network of trusted peers is as vital (and often trumps) your relationship with your boss and your direct reports. Trust matters even more with your peers because it’s TECHNICALLY optional and therefore more meaningful and sticky. There’s no “official” accountability levers. It’s easy to put them last on your trust-building

Who are you? Who Who?

leadership lessons

You used to be sick? Or you ARE a survivor? You used to be a marathon runner? Or you KNOW the power of endurance? You used to be an artist? Or you have the ABILITY to create something beautiful? You used to be successful? Or you understand what it FEELS like to win? You used to be a screw up? Or you UNDERSTAND the importance of mentors? You are what you’ve learned. The power of those lessons are buried within

How to Motivate Yourself

I had just finished reviewing the syllabus with my Masters level leadership class, and asked my typical follow-up question. “What else would you like to cover?” Lin raised her hand and asked sincerely, “Professor, you are so passionate about what you do, it’s oozing out of you. How do we motivate ourselves to feel like that?” Oh boy, a challenge. You see this is the debate my husband

Excited vs. Excitable: The Real Secret to Executive Presence thumbnail

The situation would have sent any leader who cared running for aspirin. I asked Mark, the Senior VP, “Are you okay? Are you stressed? What needs to happen next?” Mark responded, “Karin, I don’t get stressed. There’s no use in that. But as it turns out I’m a stress carrier.” In humor lies the truth. Mark had mastered executive presence. Mark had excited but not excitable

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