How to Win Well, When Winning Feels Impossible thumbnail
Last week I was doing a Winning Well workshop with the United Nations, when one of the participants, “Pete,” looked at me sincerely and said, “I hear you, and all these tools sound good, and I’m going to use them. But what do you when Winning is impossible?” I waited for more. “Our mission is world peace.”  »  Read More
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Frontline Festival: Leaders Share Business Communication Tips thumbnail
Leaders share communication tips.  »  Read More
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Internal Internships- A Winning Well Best Practice thumbnail
Have you ever been an intern? Have you ever hired an intern? There are many reasons to hire an intern. Sure some see it as a short-cut to cheap labor or to appease HR. But if you’ve ever been part of a great internship program–on either side of the desk– you know that it can be an amazing job preview– an extensive 2-way interview process… to try before you buy. Internships give interns the opportunity to ask  »  Read More
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What’s Really Killing Morale and Employee Engagement thumbnail
Janice shared: I’d had enough: the gossip; the veterans scaring the new hires; more and more people doing just enough to get by… And I was frustrated because we’d done so much to foster employee engagement. I changed out some toxic leaders. We revamped our coaching program to focus on the positive. I’m here every Saturday right along with them. I bring bagels. The day I forgot the bagels, I bought lunch. We have fun incentive programs and have really positive approach to coaching  »  Read More
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The Powerful Organizational Trust Elixer

The Powerful Organizational Trust Elixer thumbnail
It was my second time up a 14er mountain in Colorado. Oxygen was at a premium as I joined my Winning Well partner, David Dye, as he led this mission of mostly first timers up Mt. Democrat. As the self-designated trip photographer, I’d taken some decent shots along the way, including the in-the-dark-before-picture that everyone was counting the dark So you can image how frustrated I was when I realized that I’d left my camera on the trail (and all the shots from this trip and the adventure before) somewhere at the midpoint rest stop. Apparently, I’d accidentally exchanged a decent camera and all the memories it included, for a granola bar. David could sense my concern, and looked at me sincerely. “I’m not worried. No one steals a camera… even a left one… on a 14er. There’s an unspoken code  »  Read More
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How To Be a More Powerful Listener

How To Be a More Powerful Listener thumbnail
Want to be a more powerful listener? If you’re like me, sometimes the distractions are personal. We’re afraid to hear ourselves. Great listening starts by setting aside the physical and emotional distractions that get in the way of what we most need to hear. But when we can, the impact is palpable. I encourage you to pick one person this week and really listen to what she has to say. Even if that person is you.  »  Read More
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The Great Leadership Cop Out: Why “That’s Just Who I Am” Is Derailing Your Results thumbnail
Sam knew something was wrong. It just wasn’t fun anymore. The creativity and enthusiasm had drained from the company. Decisions took forever. Managers were finding it harder than ever to recruit and retain talent. Sam had hired me to help him crack the code. As I pulled up to Sam’s office, I knew he’d be unhappy with my recommendation– which involved a serious look in the mirror at his own leadership behaviors. His reaction was disappointing, but highly predictable– based on what I’d heard from his team “Karin I’m 48 years old. That’s just who I am. Let’s talk about the real issues here. I can’t change. Give me something else.  »  Read More
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The Great Millennial Hoax- Why Most Millennial Experts are Wrong and What to Do Instead (Recorded Webinar) thumbnail
Whether you’re a veteran leader or a millennial recently promoted into a leadership role, leading your younger team members can feel like an endless struggle. Why don’t they understand? Why aren’t they motivated? Why won’t they put in the time? To make it worse, instead of making life easier, much of the advice you get from generational “experts” can actually make the situation worse. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Your younger team members can be an incredible source of talent, energy, and productivity. I joined up with internationally recognized leadership experts, David Dye and Michael Teoh to share perspectives and insights on getting the most from your millennial team members  »  Read More
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