Frontline Festival: Leaders Share about Having Fun thumbnail
Leaders share about having fun!  »  Read More
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7 Things Your High-Performing Employees Long To Hear You Say thumbnail
These are all real statements I’ve heard in the last few weeks: “Oh we don’t worry about observing our high-performing call center reps. We just focus on the ones who are struggling.” “John doesn’t really need a training and development plan like everyone else, he’s got his job nailed.” “Well, he’s a bit a rough around the edges, but we don’t say anything. He’s so good at his job, we’re afraid to tick him off. “Oh Sally’s good. She loves what she does. Thank God for her. She just likes to be left alone to do her thing.”  »  Read More
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The Performance Potential Matrix Demystified: 5 Behaviors Keeping You Out of Box 9 thumbnail
You know your boss is headed into the talent review meeting. You’ve updated your resume, had the heart to heart, and said your prayers. And then…. the response, “it went fine… just keep up the good work… oh, and be patient.” If that’s ever happened to you, it’s probably because of a “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” type oath amongst the execs having the conversation. And rightfully so, the most important part of any talent review conversation is candor. And no exec wants to tick off a hi-po by being the naysayer– even when it’s true. Because, you never know who you will work for next  »  Read More
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Teachable Moments: Learning to Win Well the Hard Way thumbnail
When I told “John” what I did for a living, he chuckled. “Oh, I learned how to be a good leader the hard way.” Don’t we all. It’s often our most klutsy moves that teach us how to Win Well.  »  Read More
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How to Win Well, When Winning Feels Impossible thumbnail
Last week I was doing a Winning Well workshop with the United Nations, when one of the participants, “Pete,” looked at me sincerely and said, “I hear you, and all these tools sound good, and I’m going to use them. But what do you when Winning is impossible?” I waited for more. “Our mission is world peace.”  »  Read More
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Frontline Festival: Leaders Share Business Communication Tips thumbnail
Leaders share communication tips.  »  Read More
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Internal Internships- A Winning Well Best Practice thumbnail
Have you ever been an intern? Have you ever hired an intern? There are many reasons to hire an intern. Sure some see it as a short-cut to cheap labor or to appease HR. But if you’ve ever been part of a great internship program–on either side of the desk– you know that it can be an amazing job preview– an extensive 2-way interview process… to try before you buy. Internships give interns the opportunity to ask  »  Read More
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What’s Really Killing Morale and Employee Engagement thumbnail
Janice shared: I’d had enough: the gossip; the veterans scaring the new hires; more and more people doing just enough to get by… And I was frustrated because we’d done so much to foster employee engagement. I changed out some toxic leaders. We revamped our coaching program to focus on the positive. I’m here every Saturday right along with them. I bring bagels. The day I forgot the bagels, I bought lunch. We have fun incentive programs and have really positive approach to coaching  »  Read More
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