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Have you ever met a truly humble person– someone who’s entire life is a sacrificial commitment to a cause they deeply believe in? As I spoke with Sister Louise in Thailand about her 50-year commitment to helping women and children out of extreme poverty and danger, I was blown away by her selfless mission. Although she’s Catholic her focus is not about a conversion of her 95% Buddhist community– it’s about “saving (with a little “s”) lost sheep. “She just wants to give as many women and children as possible a shot at an empowered life. I’m pretty sure that’s why I’m so haunted by the story she shared when I asked her what was the most challenging part of her work. She didn’t miss a beat. And her answer surprised me.  »  Read More
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How to Build a More Customer-Centered, Empathetic Workforce thumbnail
When you call customer service you want to know 2 things:  (1) does the person who picked up your call care about you and your issue? And (2) are they capable of fixing it? You don’t have to be a customer service expert to know within 20 seconds whether the guy on the other end of the phone cares and is eager to help. Empathy is always identified as a top MIT (Most Important Thing) when we work in customer service organizations. And yet it’s also one of the hardest set of behaviors to train.  »  Read More
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Frontline Festival: Leaders Give Pointers on Handling Conflict thumbnail
This month, leaders share pointers about how to handle conflict on your team.   »  Read More
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How to Help a Task Master Focus on People

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“I’m just not a people person.” “I hate this touchy feely crap.” “See that! I’m a “C” on the DiSC assessment this just doesn’t come naturally to me. Now let me get back to work!” Of course, all this may be true, for you, or for a manager that you’re working to develop. It’s also true, that if you want results that last, you can’t ignore the human side of teams.  »  Read More
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How to Have More Joy at Work

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The other evening, I was sitting at the kitchen table putting the finishing touches on next week’s keynote for the American Health Quality Association. They’d invited me to talk about “finding joy in your work,” a subject that’s at the core our entire Winning Well philosophy, but that I’m not usually invited to address head on. I kept feeling I was about 90% there when my son, Sebastian, walked in and plopped a crinkled sheet of notebook paper down my keyboard. “Mom, here’s my story for the 5th-grade graduation speech contest. What do you think?”  »  Read More
Frontline Festival: Leaders Share about Confidence, Humility, Results, & Relationships thumbnail
Welcome back to the Let’s Grow Leaders Frontline Festival. This month’s festival is all about team time. Thanks to Joy and Tom Guthrie of Vizwerx Group for the great pic and to all our contributors! Next month’s Frontline Festival follows up on this month’s with a theme all about growth and change. The question for the month is: What is an area of growth you are focusing on, either professionally or personally? Submit your growth and change related blog posts and answers to that question here! This month’s question was: What tips do you have for working well with a team?  »  Read More
Being a Winning Well Manager and Working with Millenials (Michael Teoh) thumbnail
Michael’s advice regarding millennials is good advice for your relationship with every person: Don’t stereotype them. Understand them. A powerful reminder that leadership is a relationship and any time we forget that, we diminish our influence.  »  Read More
How to Get Where You Want to Go (Jesse Lyn Stoner) thumbnail
Jessee Lyn Stoner shares how to get where you want to go. Leadership is about going somewhere.  »  Read More
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