3 Consequences of Promoting the Smart, Successful Jerk (with video) thumbnail
Oh he’s good. Very good. He get’s sh__ done. It’s hard to argue with the results. So what if he’s ruffling a few feathers… with his team, with his peers, with HR, with IT. The better he does, the better you look. And so you choose to look the other way, shrug your shoulders and chalk it up to the cost of genius  »  Read More
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Frontline Festival: Leaders Give Pointers on Creating Connection thumbnail
Welcome back to the Let’s Grow Leaders Frontline Festival. This month’s festival is all about creating connection. Thanks to Joy and Tom Guthrie of Vizwerx Group for the great pic and to all our contributors! Next month’s Frontline Festival follows up on this month’s with a theme all about team time. The question for the month is: What practical tips do you have for working well with a team and building a sense of teamwork?? Submit your teamwork related blog posts and answers to that question here!  »  Read More
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Show Me the Love: Recognition that Makes a Difference (with video) thumbnail
Yesterday a high-potential, high-performing VP called: Karin, the thing is, I know I’ve been accomplishing a lot. And I shouldn’t need this. But, I just wish one of the big guys would just say “thank you.” HR and my peers have told me “Oh, if you haven’t heard anything, you can be sure you’re doing just fine. if you’re screwing up, that will be perfectly clear. No news is good news. But. The truth is, I’m so hungry for a simple “thank you,” or a nod that I’m on the right track. Is that bad?  »  Read More
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Try This Surprisingly Simple Way to Raise the Bar thumbnail
She looked right at me and yelled across the gym floor with conviction, “You are a dancer!” Now there are a lot of labels I’m ready to buy: “You are a leader!” I hope so. “You are a Mom!” Well, that one could go both ways, couldn’t it? Anything from “Good job, Mom” to “Is this your kid? What was he thinking?” “You are a keynoter!” I’m working hard every day on my craft, so yes, I’ll take that. But “You are a dancer?” Seriously? Not me.  »  Read More
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5 Signs Diaper Drama Is Destroying Your Culture thumbnail
Diaper Genies are a FABULOUS invention– for moms and dads. They hide the stink of a poopie diaper and exponentially increase the interval necessary to empty the trash. The stink stays conveniently wrapped tightly in plastic so no one can smell it. The stink is unavoidable and the diaper genie provides a welcome reprieve. But sadly, in so many companies around the world, I see the diaper genie in full effect.  »  Read More
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A Fresh, Fast, and Fun Way to Focus Your Team thumbnail
If you’re like most managers, you’re neck deep in performance agreements, stretch goals, and the dance between managing your boss’s expectations and warning your team not to sandbag. How you spend January can make the difference between a breakthrough and mediocre 2017.  »  Read More
Frontline Festival: Leaders Share Goal Setting Strategies for their Teams (and Themselves) thumbnail
Leaders share strategies for goal setting.  »  Read More
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Stop This Terrible Habit You Don’t Even Know You Have thumbnail
How do I know you have it? Because I have it too. Most high-performers do. It’s a sneaky little bugger, because on the surface it really feels like you’re doing the right thing. And on most levels you are. it’s a Winning Well core competency taken too extremes. But if you go too far, the stress will crush you spirit and undermine your confidence.  »  Read More
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