Building Behaviors that Inspire Sustained Results

December 13, 2012 — 2 Comments

iStock 000016019519XSmall 300x200 Building Behaviors that Inspire Sustained ResultsIf you are just tuning in this week, we are in the midst of a series on Building Results That Last Beyond Your Tenure.

An important component to achieve your vision and accomplish your goals, is identifying the right behaviors at every level.

Just as with creating the vision, you have choices.

You can identify the key behaviors and build performance management systems and rewards to reinforce them.   That may work, if your entire performance management system is carefully aligned.

What I find works even better is involving each level of the organization in the process.

How to Identify Key Behaviors: An Exercise

I have been using variations of this exercise in different roles and contexts for many years– sometimes on the outside as a facilitator, sometimes on the inside as leader.  It’s easy, and mostly involves an open mind and enough time to really engage.

Set the stage:

Start with your vision and goals.  Ensure  everyone understands the big picture and how they fit in.  You have choices on how to do this.  If you missed the post on How To Develop a Team Vision, you may want to take a moment and start there.

Brainstorm Key Behaviors:

Next, brainstorm what specific behaviors each role on the team would need to exhibit to make that vision a reality. What behaviors must the leader exhibit?  How about the sales reps?  How about the HR team? How about…

For example:

What would the team leader most need to do each day to achieve the vision?

Be more visible?

That’s a start, but too vague.

How about if she spent 3 hours on the floor each day.


What would she be doing on the floor?

Keep drilling down until you find specific measurable behaviors that will work.

This can be done for every role on the team.

Drilling Down:

Next, consider formalizing this exercise at every level of the organization.

Start with your direct reports, and take it down as many levels as you have.


In order for us to accomplish our vision, what behaviors do you need from me?

Then narrow it down to specific behaviors and write them down.

Next, what behaviors must they exhibit?  Again, narrow it down and record.

Ask them to repeat this exercise with their teams to discuss the specific behaviors for their roles.

And then a level down….

Take all those behaviors and publish them into a matrix.  Everyone then knows what behaviors are expected at every level to accomplish the vision.  You can then work to hold one another accountable for those behaviors.

It’s a lot harder to ignore the leadership behaviors you committed to when everyone has a matrix of expectations they can pull out at any time.

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karin 9 2 150x150 Building Behaviors that Inspire Sustained ResultsPlease share.  What have you done to identify key behaviors on your team?  Please share your stories and your questions.

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