Saturday Salutation: Spirited Warrior

August 18, 2012 — 5 Comments
matt 224x300 Saturday Salutation:  Spirited Warrior

Spirited Warrior, Matt Landen, 2012

I first really met this spirited warrior, Matt on a (yoga) Mat. Our arms and spirits intertwined as we breathed through warrior poses. That was when I began to understand his powerful and joyful heart and spirit.

Oh sure, we had been working together at church on our “Quest” before that, me as advisor and he as “Quester”… trying to figure as much of “it” out as we could. “It” being what we believed. about God, and values, and life… and what he would share about those beliefs with our congregations.

The real deal is, he made a permanent impression on my spiritual journey.

Matt lives with full-on joy. At every minute it oozes from his spirit. His muscles don’t always listen to his spirit, but he never says “I can’t. If he needs help, he asks for just enough, but not an ounce more than is vital.

There is much to be learned from a man like that.

If you attend any of his high-school drama productions, he is lighting up the stage… with full on animation, full on spirit… giving everything he has to that moment.

I asked him about that joy, “I think that because I am able to do so much more than before, I do not give up…”

I think that’s what makes him so wise…

‘I will tell anyone to not stop…. do whatever you want… no matter what/who may stand in your way.”

Amen…. and Namaste.

On Saturdays, I detour from my normal leadership discussion to just notice good people and good things.
Here are few others…

5 responses to Saturday Salutation: Spirited Warrior

  1. Heartwarming story.

    Every day I’m reminded how fortunate I am and the opportunities I’ve been given.

    Thanks for today’s reminder.

  2. Karin, I was privileged to have Matt as a student in an OWL class, and he was such an inspiration to all of us — a thoughtful, insightful, joyous being. I’m just sorry I didn’t get to follow his progress through Quest and YRUU. So thank you for this update!

  3. What a terrific story. Thank you for sharing what you noticed and showing leadership traits can be noticed anywhere.

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