Optimistic Hearts on a Disappointed Road

I had lunch with some old friends– the kind you miss deeply without even knowing. I was once their leader. Now, I feel powerless to help. I am grateful for the heavy, important hearts entwined in conversation.

Their frustrated hearts continue to survive the downsizing. Other friends have not made out as well. Perhaps,
So much to do, with much less. Limited support. Intense demands. Stress, fear and hope remain.

“Why do you stay?,” I asked the obvious question. I felt an immediate urge to send them my “courage” posts. But it wasn’t just fear they were facing.

Hopeful and Complicated

Their hearts pumped reality. Perhaps yours does too. I understand.

  • “I’m so stressed”
  • “The hours are long”
  • “I am very good at this.”
  • “This is not my passion”
  • “I really need the money”
  • “I shouldn’t let him treat me that way”
  • “I find meaning in this”
  • “My people need me”
  • “I need insurance”
  • “The alternative might be worse”
  • “I have so much invested”

The yellow brick road has bad signage. You could go this way or that way. Dangers and rainbows are everywhere.

When Your Heart Pumps Confusion

My heart feels confused and disappointed. The road should have been brighter for these eager hearts and minds. Lolly Daskal offers some vital advice for disappointed hearts. All are helpful– my favorite is the concept of “Remain”

“Stay congruent with your values. Identify your beliefs and your core convictions, and don’t let yourself get caught up in someone else’s shadows. Maybe you were disappointed because your core convictions were crossed, remain steady within yourself”

When the pressure is tough, keep perspective. You have choices about how to be, how to behave, and what to begin. You can’t control how others are reacting, but you can choose your response to them. Like the team on the yellow brick road, your journey offers many choices. Stay at the center of them.

  • lay down in a poppy field (step back from the situation)
  • involve your inner scarecrow (make some lists of pros and cons)
  • involve others on your journey (find companionship, coaching and conversation)
  • beware of false wizards (no one else has your answer)
  • try on new clothes (take a day off, and hang out with your dream job)
  • bring a bucket of water (be prepared to douse the naysayers)
  • ?